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You must have seen these 10 breeds of dogs but do not know their names.

If we keep abusing our friends, then we call them a dog or a bitch as an abuse, although hardly anyone is more loyal than dogs, perhaps because of this we also call our friends a dog or a bitch because our life There is a loyal person in me who makes our life happy, in the same way some people’s life is happy with their dogs, which they call by their names Tommy, Moti, etc. Friends, let us tell you that there are many people for whom their dog is their life and even if dogs are loyal, friends, there is hardly any person who has not heard the tales of loyalty of dogs. For a dog, his owner is his life, he is ready to do anything on his one gesture.

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Friends, today we will talk about dog breeds. There are many types of dogs; Here we will tell you about the 10 smallest species of dogs on small, medium and large, so if you are a dog lover then you must read the post till the end.

 1. Indian Spitz 

Friends, if we talk about their size, then they are kept in the medium category because their hair is very big. Friends, it is very easy to raise them because they easily eat food both at home and outside. These dogs are family-friendly and their range is around 7,000.

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2. Pomeranian 

Friends, the species of these dogs is such a species that is very popular in India. They are family friendly but also angry, due to which they have to be taken care of and their price is around 10,000.

3. Pug

Friends, dogs of this species are also in great demand in India, because friends, they look very cute due to their small size and the most important thing is that they work as very good watch dogs and are family friendly. . Their cost is around 10,000.

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4. Beagle

Friends, they look very beautiful due to being white, brown and red. Friends, let us tell you that their ears are big which adds to their beauty. Friends, they are also a good watch dog and are family friendly. Their price ranges from about 10,000 to 15,000.

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5. English Cocker Spaniel

Friends, dogs of this breed have long ears and they are family friendly. Friends, let us tell you that this species is a healthy species, and their price is also not high, due to which it is a part of the middle class family. 

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Are pocket friendly.

6. Dutch dog 

The Dutch Shund is a breed that has short legs and a long body. They are sometimes used to catch wild boars, and friends are the most distinct species of these dogs.

7. French Bull Dog 

Friends, let us tell you that they are called French Bull Dogs because they are very popular in France. Friends, therefore they are also called Frenchies. Due to their small size, they also live in a small apartment. And friends, like other species, they are also family friendly.

8. Chihuahua

Friends, you will be surprised to know that this species is a little different because one is named after a king of Mexico and secondly it can become a danger to strangers, that is, these dogs are not much family friendly, but He behaves better than other dogs.

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9. Bichon Frise

Friends, this species of dogs looks like children’s toys, due to which they are very close to children. Friends, this species is family-friendly as well as pocket friendly.

10. Maltese

Friends, the dogs of these breeds are very gentle and beautiful species. Let us tell you that this species is family-friendly and very fearless which is its most special thing.

Note-:  Friends, let me tell you that dog is the only animal in this world that loves its owner more than itself.

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So friends, please tell in the comment which breed of dog do you like and share this post to dog lovers.


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