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“Beyond Appearances: Jennifer Lopez’s Insight into Walking a Step Behind Ben Affleck”.

In a recent interview, Jennifer Lopez explained why she usually chooses to walk one step behind Ben Affleck in public rather than at his side.

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One of the most well-known couples in Hollywood is Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. They are frequently seen holding hands in public photos, with Jennifer clinging to Ben’s arms. In a recent interview, the actor-singer said that she does this for a reason. “From Rumors to Reality: Shakira’s Meetup with Lewis Hamilton After Tom Cruise Dating Buzz”.

Jennifer explained why, whenever they walk together, she always lags behind Ben by one step. Jennifer gave an explanation of her motivation for doing this. “Ben is 6’3″ or 6’4″, and I am small — I’m shorter.” I’m about 5’6″. But we manage to make it work. She stated this during her interview on the Live with Kelly and Mark show. “He’s taller, and his arm’s up, and I walk, like, a step behind, just to compensate, which I’m fine with,” she remarked.

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Jennifer Lopez

Recently, the two were seen exchanging words in a somewhat heated manner on the red carpet at the opening of her movie The Mother. Fans wondered if the couple was still together after noticing that they were seen having a tense conversation while posing for pictures on the red carpet. Ben reportedly responded with, “It’s fine,” after Jennifer inquired about her low-cut shirt and whether it was “showing too much.” “Hailey Bieber Opens Up About Her Struggles with Anxiety and Depression in 2023”

In response to fans’ fears that he was upset on the red carpet, Ben later clarified and told The Hollywood Reporter that he remarked, “As soon as they start rolling, I’ll slide away from you and leave you sitting next to Trevor.” He said, “You better f-king not leave,” to which Jennifer immediately retaliated. The couple was later seen kissing and smiling together on the red carpet.

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Ben’s final film, Air, which starred Matt Damon and Viola Davis, was made available on Prime Video on May 12. Following a year of dating, Jennifer and Ben rekindled their romance in April 2021 and subsequently announced their engagement in April 2022. Originally engaged in November 2002, the couple ended up divorcing in January 2004. Jennifer Garner, an actor, was his first wife.Jimin Break all the Records and Become First Korean Artist who Achieve 1 Million view on Solo Album.

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