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Pregnant Sofia Richie copied Rihanna’s maternity style: I’ll have fun shortly.

Sophie Richie is copying Rihanna’s style while she is pregnant.

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On Tuesday, Richie announced that she is six months pregnant with their first child, a girl. The baby is a girl.

But the fashionista, 25, told Vogue that she won’t be “tapping into maternity wear for this pregnancy.” Instead, she plans to keep “sizing up.”

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She added, “I’m also not buying a whole new wardrobe for this pregnancy.” It’s true that I bought some trousers in bigger sizes, but I’m still wearing the same jackets, sweatshirts and trench coats.

Sofia Richie
Image Source: Pinterest

Rihanna told the same news source while she was pregnant with RZA, “There’s no way I’m going to go shopping in no maternity aisle!” So The Bad Gal would definitely agree.

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“I’m sorry, it’s too much fun to get dressed up,” the fashion star at the time said. Because my body is changing, I’m not going to let that part go away.

As promised, the “Umbrella” singer changed the way pregnant women dress, from the sheer black Dior dress she wore to Paris Fashion Week to the crystal bra top and micro-miniskirt she wore out in Santa Monica.

“I hope we were able to change the rules about what’s “normal” for pregnant women,” she told Vogue. Today, my body is doing amazing things, and I’m not going to hide that. This should feel like a time to celebrate. Because why would you want to hide the fact that you’re pregnant?”

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Sofia Richie Latest Image
Image Source: Pinterest

After that, many famous people in Hollywood, including Kourtney Kardashian, Suki Waterhouse, and Sienna Miller, have happily shown off their bumps while walking the red carpet or going out on the town. It looks like Rihanna succeeded in her mission.

A lot of people thought that Richie, the model, was hiding a baby bump because she had been wearing big coats and sweaters over the past couple of months.

Lionel Richie’s daughter Richie says she’s going to step up her baby style now that the secret is out.

She told Vogue, “Now that we’re announcing it, I have so many ideas.” When I spread my wings and fly, I’m going to have fun with it.

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Sofia Richie Image
Image Source: Pinterest

Richie is known for her “old money” style, but we don’t know if she’ll try wearing more daring clothes like Rihanna in her last trimester.

For her Vogue shoot, she chose a number of simple outfits that showed off her bump. These included a black Saint Laurent dress that hugged her curves and an open red coat from The Row.

Richie and husband Elliot Grainge
Image Source: Pinterest

“There is so much love in our hearts!” Thank you so much for all your help!” Richie wrote on Instagram, along with pictures of herself from the shoot wearing a skirt that wasn’t buttoned up and a shirt that wasn’t worn with it.

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“Can’t wait for this next chapter of life.”

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