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If you drink alcohol, then know… when a peg goes inside, How your body reacts?

Everyone has heard this song from the movie Coolie, “Mujhe peene ka shauk nahi peeta hoon gam bhulane ko” and whether a person is an alcoholic or a non-drinker, this is a song whose craze is in every person. Whenever we watch a movie Or when we see someone drinking or smoking in the serial, only then we get to read a warning that drinking alcohol is injurious to health, but even then there are many people who are still consuming alcohol. Know that drinking alcohol is injurious to health Even after this, people drink alcohol, people have their own reasons behind it, some people think that by drinking alcohol they can forget their sorrows or forget their tension and they can do their work easily. How much truth is there in the matter that drinking alcohol can forget the sorrow, only the people who drink it know how much is true and how much is false in this matter, but drinking alcohol causes harm to health, everyone knows this. And no one can deny this. Thousands of people’s homes are ruined behind alcohol, but still people do not stop drinking. Due to alcohol, people’s families get away from them and children’s education stops, but still people do not stop drinking. They do not have the money for bread for two times, but they do not know where the money for drinking alcohol comes from the alcoholics, know this only alcoholic.

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So let us tell you how alcohol harms your body. Friends, read carefully, this is such a thing that can probably give a new twist to your life and if you are also used to drinking alcohol, then from today you will also stop drinking.

1. Heart and liver damage – Friends, as soon as a sip of alcohol goes into our stomach, our body makes gastric acid, due to which the mucus lining of the stomach becomes inflamed. The intestine absorbs alcohol and it reaches the liver through the portal vein as the liver is closest to it, due to which the possibility of its damage is very high. And within a few minutes, the alcohol that is there starts to damage the central nervous system. It blocks the interconnection of nerves, due to which the nerve cells start working very slowly and the brain is unable to cope with this situation on its own. Due to which a person loses control over his body. Alcohol puts stress on the heart. Of the 3000 beer drinkers whose blood alcohol content was 0.8 points, a third had cardiac problems. In which one in four was found to have a rapid heart rate.

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When the heart is not able to pump blood properly, it sends it back to the liver and when the condition of the liver is already bad due to alcohol, then the condition of the blood that comes back becomes worse. Although the liver works after getting tired, but now it starts walking on a dangerous path. There is no pain in the liver, due to which people who drink alcohol do not know whether their liver is fine or damaged, it is known when they go to the doctor for examination. People who drink a lot of alcohol They should definitely get this check done once in a year.

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2. Bad effect on the mind-: Friends, let us tell you that the intoxication of alcohol first descends from the cerebrum within 8-10 hours. The cerebrum controls physical abilities and behaviour. It takes 12 to 14 hours for it to return to normal. When a person drinks alcohol, after 2 days, the person’s brain starts working properly, although some nerve cells are still missing, we do not know this thing because our body’s ability to recover is very high. 

3. Threat to memory-: Friends, let us tell you that by drinking too much alcohol, our memory ie memory starts weakening and our ability to think and understand also starts decreasing, but if we stop drinking alcohol for 1 to 2 months then All these parts of the brain are recovered again.

Friends, today we are going to tell you a very easy way to avoid the harmful effects of alcohol, using which you can free yourself and any other person from alcohol-:

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1. Consumption of Tulsi-: Friends, you know how to marry you, which is known for its miracles since ancient times, friends tell you that elements like anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant are present in basil leaves. Which work to clean the impurities of the body. Chewing four basil leaves regularly in the morning reduces the desire to drink alcohol, due to which one gets rid of alcohol addiction.

Note: Friends, do you know that the most intoxicant in beer, wine and vodka is in vodka.

Friends, alcohol not only harms our body but also the social relationships we have. Because of drinking alcohol, there are many people who keep distance from us, although there have been people who are very close to us at one time, but due to the habit of not giving up alcohol, those people leave us. Friends, drinking alcohol is very harmful for health.


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