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Brahma Muhurta Rahasya and Interesting Facts: ‘Brahma Muhurta’ is the best of all Muhurtas, know the secret behind auspiciousness

Brahma Muhurta is such a word that everyone must have heard about it, but there are very few people who know its full truth. So come today we will tell you the whole truth about it and will tell you many interesting facts about it, which you will be surprised with pleasure to hear.

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The time of Brahma Muhurta is exactly 90 minutes before sunrise. It is said that people who want to live a long life without falling ill, they should get up in Brahma Muhurta. Friends, if you want to be successful, then start your work in Brahma Muhurta. The work done in Brahma Muhurta proceeds in the same way as a plant in the presence of sun, water and manure. Just once you will understand the importance of Brahma Muhurta, friends, then you will understand why our elders say that one should get up early in the morning.

The timing of Brahma Muhurta is important for every work. Maharishi Manu who has written Manusmriti also says that in this Muhurta we should get the knowledge of our Vedas. So let’s know what happens in Brahma Muhurta that makes this time so important.

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1. Law of Attraction

Friends, this means that the same thing happens to us as we think. Now you must be thinking that if I think I am a whole day, then what will be different from thinking in brahm muhurta, then suppose that the universe is a mobile tower And your mind is a mobile. In the day time, everyone is awake, that means, they keep thinking about something and send their words to the universe, due to which the universe takes more time to complete it, but in brahma muhurta most of the people keep sleeping For this reason, the frequency level of the Universe is very low and whatever you think at this time, the Universe takes very little time to manifest it. So here is the first benefit of Brahma Muhurta. Now I will not ask you to get up so early because nowadays everyone likes to stay awake till late night, then all I will say is that if you cannot get up at this time, then just get up at the time of brahm muhurta and do the work which You have a goal in life and after that you can do it if you want.

Benjamin Franklin also said:- “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and vice”.

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2. World power 

Suppose sunset is at 6 o’clock then the time from 6PM to 9PM is Rudra Kaal when you should not sleep. 9PM to 12M is Rakshasa Kaal. Do not wake up at this time. 12M to 3M is the time of Gandharva Kaal It happens that at this time sleep is the deepest. The time from 3 am to 6 am is a pleasant time, at this time you should get up in any case because this is the time when the world power is transmitted so that human beings can spend the whole day. able to work At the time of Brahma Muhurta, we get this world power in a very large amount and at this time meditation starts having a very deep and very profound effect on our subconscious mind, due to which our brain starts working much better than before. It is not necessary. That in order to get cosmic energy i.e. world power, you only need to do meditation, even if you learn to live in your present i.e. in your present, then you will also get this cosmic energy or world power.

3. Melatonin

The amount of melatonin in our body is very high in the morning, due to which the ability of our brain to concentrate is very high and for this reason if we do any work at this time, then that work is done very well. Because of which we should do any work in Brahma Muhurta.

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4. Pure Environment

As we all know that in the morning the atmosphere is very clean and at that time the level of oxygen is 41 percent and the level of carbon dioxide is only 4 percent, due to which if we breathe in the morning i.e. in fresh air. When we breathe, we get a lot of energy at that time, due to which our brain works very fast.

5. Lowest noise pollution

There will be very few people who will know that what is the effect of the sound that is around on your mind. The pressure increases and our heart starts beating very fast and because of this, our mind is not able to focus well, friends, when it comes to doing any work, then the little things that happen seem to matter a lot. Because of this, if we have to do any work, then we should do it in Brahma Muhurta because that is the time when our mind is completely empty and the work done in that time gets done in a very short time.

6. Energy Saving

Friends, we hear very little noise here and there in the morning, due to which our attention does not get distracted on unnecessary sounds and because of this our energy is saved and we are able to do any work very carefully. So friends, make a promise to yourself today that from today you will wake up in Brahma Muhurta and when you start seeing its benefits after some time, you will be shocked because once something settles in your subconscious mind then no one in the world No power can take it away from you. The benefits of this will surprise you and with time your life will become much better than others.


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