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Why was the punishment of black water given in the cellular jail – know the whole truth.

Who was punished for black water and why – where is the cellular jail? Know the whole truth in this one statement.

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Hardly anyone needs to be told about what our freedom fighters have done for us. There will be no person who will not be aware of their sacrifices. Our freedom fighters gave their lives for their country without caring about themselves and their families. But the same Britishers left no stone unturned to kill them while they were freedom fighters, all those freedom fighters were sent to the Cellular Jail which is located in Andaman and Andaman. It is in Nicobar, which is also known as black water, used to torture them by taking them there.

All these freedom fighters could run away from there but did not run away from there because the belief of that time was such that if a person leaves his country and his village and goes somewhere else by sea, then he becomes untouchable and back when he When he comes to his village, people separate him from his caste and village. And when people were taken to this cellular jail, they were taken across the sea, due to which these people used to become untouchables.

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Friends, the tortures which were given to these freedom fighters in the cellular jail was very difficult for any normal human being to bear. Despite that, all these fighters had to endure all the hardships to liberate their country and without their lives. Take care of getting your country free, for which I would like to salute their spirit.

So let us know which of the cellular jails were the tortures that were given to all these freedom fighters.

1. In this jail, people were given water and rice, a hand-made vegetable.

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2. This prison was called the man of the land because it is believed that the net is black and dark and this prison is also full of black and dark.

3. Now the question arises as to why it was built and who built it. So friends, it was built by the British after the revolution of 1857 because they felt that now Indians have started becoming one and the fear of British in them. To keep the fear in them, the British made these jails so that whenever someone takes any action against the British or instigates people against them or kills any English ruler, they used to pick him up and put him in jail so that Keep their fear in the people.

4. The British government used to punish the prisoners by adopting the chain technique. He used to keep 50 prisoners tied in a chain and tied them in the same chain and made them do different types of work and when they could not do that work, then they Used to punish.

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5. When the fear of Viper Island began to subside inside the prisoners, then Charles James Loyal was one such person who came and thought of building the Cellular Jail and he wanted that the fear of the Indians was for the British forever. He persisted and got the prisoner built by getting the inmates of the Cellular Jail to work.

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 6. In which those people who were prisoners of Viper Jail started making it together in 1896 and it took about 10 years to build this jail.

7. The prison cells used to be used in such a way that people used to eat and drink there and also used to immerse their excreta and urine there. Due to which many prisoners died due to the food being unhygienic i.e. unhygienic food.

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8. Freedom fighters were asked to extract fiber from dried coconut and whenever they could not extract it, you were given various punishments. The only purpose of removing fiber in this way was that he wanted to show that along with doing the work of Indians, his dream of making India free is also breaking down. 

9. It is not that people did not try to escape from here Bhagat Singh’s friend Batukeshwar Dutt along with the prisoners went on a hunger strike and this hunger strike lasted for 45 days but no English ruler paid any attention to it and some Day Later the British rulers came and tortured the people in different ways, due to which many people died.

10. In 1863, 238 prisoners try to escape from the jail, but because of the water all around, all these prisoners were caught and 87 prisoners were hanged by the British, after which no prisoner tried to escape.

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11. The end of their crime was when Japan attacked this prison in 1942 and took it under its control and on the request of Gandhiji and Rabindranath Tagore, all the Indian prisoners were released and all the British were sown by them. They had to be cut, that is, the way they had persecuted the Indians there, in the same way they started being persecuted.

12.1945 After the Second World War, the Japanese people handed over this prison to Subhash Chandra Bose and after that the Government of India made it as a museum, after which the memories of all the fighters were very good. has been kept safe.

Note-:  ‘The punishment of black water’ was such a punishment of the past, at whose name the prisoners used to tremble. Actually, it was a prison, which was known as Cellular Jail. Even today people know it by this name. This prison is built in Port Blair, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

So friends, this was the truth of the Cellular Jail in which the Indian Army was tortured and put to death in different ways. This also makes us understand that we will reap what we sow. had made Indians to persecute, after a time they started being persecuted in that day.

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