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WhatsApp Update: WhatsApp is bringing an amazing feature, 10 devices can be able to run simultaneously

WhatsApp Update: WhatsApp tries to give maximum features to its users. So far the company’s service is free, but recently Meta had talked about bringing WhatsApp premium service keeping in mind some special users. Work is going on this, know what is this service.

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What is WhatsApp Premium: You will be well acquainted with the instant messaging app WhatsApp. You will find this popular app on almost every smartphone. The reason for its popularity is all the features present in it and its free service. That is, people use it without paying, but recently this company owned by Meta has announced WhatsApp Premium Service. It is set to launch soon. This will be a paid service. In such a situation, there are many questions in the minds of people regarding this. Today we will give you answers to every question related to this.

What is WhatsApp premium?

WhatsApp is a membership-based service for people associated with the premium business or for different companies and organizations. In this, users will get additional features like vanity URLs in business accounts, and more linked devices than before. Although the situation regarding its launch is also not clear, there is speculation that it may be released in the next 2 to 3 months. 

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What will be special in WhatsApp premium

Let us tell you that Meta itself has not yet unveiled this service nor has it shared much information related to it. Despite all this, its feature is being told in different reports. According to a media report, in this, users will get many such special features, which will benefit them a lot. Know about its possible features below.

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1. Ten devices can be linked

Although you can now run the normal version of WhatsApp on 4 devices, in the premium service, you can get the option to add 10 additional devices. With this, many people will be able to monitor the company’s page.

2. Vanity URL

In WhatsApp Premium, users can also get the facility of Vanity URL. That is, its users will get the option to generate custom links for their business. For example, Zee News could potentially access official WhatsApp accounts through a different and unique URL 

3.WhatsApp Premium Vanity URL

According to experts, when the user creates the vanity URL, his business phone number is not hidden. When customers contact you via WhatsApp, they will still see the phone number. However, creating a short custom URL with the business name makes it even better.

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