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What is the policy of the Delhi government’s old liquor – know the whole issue.

Everyone has heard this song from the movie Coolie, “Mujhe Peene Ka shauk nahi Peeta Hoon Peete Hoon Gum Bhulane Ko” and whether a person is an alcoholic or a non-drinker, this is a song whose craze is in every person. Whenever we watch a movie Or when we see someone drinking or smoking in the serial, only then do we get to read a warning that drinking alcohol is injurious to health, but even then there are many people who are still consuming alcohol. Know that drinking alcohol is injurious to health, even after this people drink alcohol, people have their own reasons behind it, some people feel that by drinking alcohol they can forget their sorrows or forget their tension and do their work. Yes, they can do it easily. Now how much truth is there in the fact that drinking alcohol can forget the sorrow, only those who drink know how much is true in this and how much is false in this matter,But drinking alcohol causes harm to health, everyone knows this and no one can deny this. Thousands of people’s homes are ruined behind alcohol, but still people do not stop drinking alcohol. The family gets away from them and even the education of the children stops, but still people do not stop drinking alcohol. Only alcoholics know this.

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Cases of poisonous liquor keep coming in front of us everyday but even after that the government does not take any action on it. Even after being there, the business of liquor is growing quadruple day by day.

Let us know what is the old liquor policy of the Delhi government.

1. Friends, before the policy of 2021 and 22, there used to be government shops and corruption used to happen in the name of brand pushing.

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2. People used to get licenses of private shops made in the name of their friends. They used to charge less license fees from them and for many years the license fees have not increased even in shops.

3. There are a total of 8:30 hundred private shops in Delhi, according to the new policy, not a single shop will be opened.

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4. According to the old excise policy, the government used to get 6000 crores of revenue from all these shops. But according to the new policy, when these shops were auctioned in a transparent manner, the revenue of the government increased to 9,50,000 crores and corruption Due to which people started opposing this new policy and started threatening people from place to place that if they do not listen to them, then ED and CBI will raid their shops.

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5. Corruption will be reduced due to the new policy, due to which people started making plans to fail this policy.

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6. Earlier there used to be 850 shops in Delhi but after this new policy, only 850 to 468 shops are left and this count can be reduced further.

7. Their main objective is to reduce the number of liquor sold legally in Delhi.

Let us now talk about the sale of capita liquor in Delhi and other states.

1. In Gurgaon where the BJP government is there, there is a liquor shop in 4166 people.

2. There is a liquor shop among 1390 people in Noida where the BJP government is in place.

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3. Bengaluru where BJP is in government, there is a liquor shop in 12179 people

4. Where there is a BJP government, there is a liquor shop out of 761 people.

5. According to the new policy, if the maximum number of shops in Delhi, which is 850, is also opened, then there is one shop among 22,707 people. Where this count has increased to 468, then there is one shop for 41,192 people. Its main purpose is only that these people want that the sale of liquor should be stopped in a legal way and the sale of liquor should be started in an illegal way so that the government does not have to pay more revenue.

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We have so far known that what was the old liquor policy of Delhi and what was the new policy and why people are opposing the new policy. If it is reduced, then the sale of spurious liquor will increase due to which people will be harmed but those who are selling will be benefited. By threatening the ED and CBI, people got the shops vacated, due to which the shop became vacant to auction. Or no one is ready to take the contract.

This policy of 2021-22 will end on July 31 and now no one is coming forward to take it forward.

Hope you have understood the difference between the two and what is the relationship between the two and now you must have understood what is better for you.

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