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What is Mega Blockbuster? In which stars from the film and cricket worlds will be seen together.- Read full news to know more.

Recently, from Bollywood to cricket, several celebrities were observed uploading many pictures with posters and hashtags of ‘Mega Blockbuster,’ which startled everyone. Initially, it was assumed that ‘Mega Blockbuster’ was Kapil Sharma’s next film, in which he would appear with Deepika Padukone and Rashmika Mandanna, but now many other celebs, including Rohit Sharma and Karthi, have shared this post along with their photos. A tweet by Sourav Ganguly exposed the whole mystery of the’mega blockbuster’ amid different assumptions.

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Let us inform you that ‘Mega Blockbuster’ is not a film, series, or TV programme, but rather an advertising effort for the e-commerce firm Meesho, which is supported by a number of celebrities. Everyone was perplexed when they heard that the trailer will be released on September 4th. People were asking what movie/series/show was being produced with so many celebs.

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Actually, this was the marketing plan of the app MEESHO. This app sells clothing and wearables. Meesho was most likely set to announce a sale or release a promotional video on September 4. In which the country’s most famous names would be seen together. However, a blunder by Sourav Ganguly ruined Meesho’s whole advertising effort.

It is not uncommon for celebrities and corporations to collaborate on a project. The company would want celebrities to promote it on their social media accounts. In exchange, the celebrity receives money from the corporation. The same thing happened this time. Meesho sent an email to everyone outlining the details of the promotion. Misho sent this message to everyone. Everyone followed the instructions and posted on social media. However, Sourav Ganguly made a typo in his posting. The cause behind this was revealed.

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‘Post this copy – liked filming it,’ Sourav posted on Twitter. My next mega-blockbuster will be out shortly. Make no mention of MEESHO’s branding or hashtag in the September 1st post. Sourav edited his post after realising his error, but his screenshots had already gone viral.

You’re probably wondering how Sourav Ganguly made this error. Here’s how it happened: ‘Whenever a celebrity endorses a company on social media, he or she has enough information to promote it that may be viewed on social media. is duplicated Along with the copy paste text, there is a wealth of helpful advice about what to do and what to remember while publishing. Sourav also learned about copy-pasting on social media, but he accidentally copied and posted material other than that stuff.

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