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Tulsi Plant Care: Tulsi plant dries up again and again? Follow these simple steps

Tulsi Plant Care: If you’re having trouble with your Tulsi plant drying out, or if you’re planning to plant one for the first time, keep these tips in mind, and your Tulsi plant will never dry out.

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Tulsi Plant Care: Tulsi is valued in Hinduism, which is why you’ll find one in almost every Hindu home. This plant is extremely important and, because it has been granted the status of medicine, it is also extremely useful to one’s health. However, many people’s concern is that their tulsi plant dries up again and again, despite their best efforts. If your tulsi plant is drying up, we’ll give you some advice on how to keep it green and filled.

Tulsi has religious significance, but it is also very important in Ayurveda. If your Tulsi plant is constantly drying or rotting, we will provide you with some techniques that will help you. It is exceedingly auspicious to plant a fresh Tulsi plant on the day of Tulsi marriage. Let’s look at some suggestions.

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Soil For Tulsi

When growing a Tulsi plant, keep in mind not to overwater it; overwatering might cause fungus to grow in the roots of Tulsi. As a result, selecting the proper soil for the Tulsi plant is critical. Tulsi plants should not be planted solely in soil; instead, 70 percent soil and 30 percent sand should be used. The benefit will be that the water will not sit too long on the roots of the Tulsi plant, preventing it from decaying and keeping it green for a long period.

Mix cow dung in the soil like this

Cow manure is extremely valuable and beneficial to plants. However, instead of putting cow dung in Tulsi like this, dry it and grind it into a powder before putting it in the soil. As a result, the Tulsi plant will remain green throughout the year and produce a large number of leaves.

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There should be such a pot for Tulsi

Tulsi should be cooked in a pot with a wide mouth and a deep bottom. Make two holes in the bottom of the pot and place a piece of paper or a pitcher in the bottom, then add the soil with compost and sand that we mentioned previously, then plant a tulsi plant in it, and your plant will grow and green – will be full in no time.

Keep this in mind while giving water to Tulsi

In the summer, you can water your Tulsi plant every day; however, Vastu dictates that water should not be poured in Tulsi on Sundays; if you believe in Vastu, keep this in mind. In the winter, you only need to water once every 4-5 days, however, in the rainy season, the plant rots quickly, so keep it out of the rain. During the rainy season, if rain water falls on Tulsi, there is no need to water it.

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Pitching is essential

Tulsi plants require a lot of pruning. Continue to pluck the basil’s top leaves; otherwise, the plant will grow taller and the leaves will become fewer. Your plant will get dense and leafy if you continue to prune it from above for leaf growth.

What to do if seeds come in Tulsi

Tulsi seeds are also called Manjari. When these seeds come, you sort them out. If the manjari has dried up then you can put its seeds in another pot. You can also add it to tea after drying it.

Epsom Salts

If you want, you can add Epsom salts to the basil plant. Put a teaspoon of Epsom Salts in a liter of water and sprinkle it on the leaves and soil of plants, you can use it on any plant in your garden. This keeps the plants green.

How to protect Tulsi plant from insects

Although there are no insects in the Tulsi plant, if you are finding insects in your Tulsi, then you can use the spray of neem oil. Put 10 drops of neem oil in one liter of water and spray it on the leaves of the plant, this problem will end.

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