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Try these home remedies to get rid of lizards at home

Do lizards return to the house after being exterminated several times? If you’ve been bothered with lizards, try these tips.

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It is vital to look after yourself as well as keep your surroundings clean in order to maintain excellent health. Everybody wants his home to be clean and free of insect and lizard marks The lizards, however, continue to infiltrate the house. Some individuals are terrified by them, while others are disgusted by them. However, the lizard is not only frightening, but it may also be harmful to your health.

In reality, Salmonella germs are discovered in the feces and saliva of lizards, increasing the risk of food illness. Not only that, but if the lizard slips into the food and eats it, the person’s condition will worsen. That is why keeping the lizard away from the house is crucial.

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Let us inform you that there are numerous chemical-based harmful products on the market to drive away lizards, which cause the lizards to die, but it is difficult to locate and dispose of the deceased lizards. Also, because these poisonous materials can affect children in the home, they should be avoided.

If you wish to get rid of the lizard that has taken up residence on your house’s walls, these home remedies may be helpful for you.

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Home remedies to get rid of lizards


Mix red chili and black pepper in equal quantities and spray it on the sides of the corners, windows, doors, etc. of the houses. This makes the lizard run away. Take care that it does not fall on your body or eyes. 

Lizards also run away from the smell of eggshells. Therefore, you can keep their peels in hidden places in the house. 

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Coffee powder can also be used to get rid of lizards

For this, mix tobacco in coffee powder and make small balls out of it. Where lizards come more, keep them there. 

Put garlic

cloves on doors, windows, etc. Lizards will not come from this. 

Naphthalene Balls

Naphthalene balls can also help in getting rid of lizards. That’s why you can keep them in place too. 

Peacock feather

It is believed that even keeping a peacock feather in the house, the lizard runs away. You can drive away lizards by putting it on the walls. 

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Coldwater can also help in getting rid of lizards. When you see a lizard somewhere, sprinkle cold water on it. This will make her run away.

Disclaimer – This recipe is not authentic by doctors or experts, this story has been written based on the information available on the internet and people’s experience.


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