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The Top 5 Must Watch Romantic K-Dramas in 2023.

One of the main driving causes for the rise of anything Hallyu is the fact that various generations have become accustomed to watching television programmes that explore the fantastical world of “amor.” In reality, some of the most well-known films in the world, such as the beloved What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim and the cult classic Crash Landing On You, show typical love-tropes like devotion, jealousy, thoughtfulness, and everything in between.

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Best feature? They cover a wide range of subjects, including history, action, science fiction, and humour. And the list keeps expanding daily. We’ve compiled a list of a few new romance K-dramas that are coming out in 2023, whether you’re a seasoned viewer getting ready for your next binge or a newbie looking for a title worth losing sleep over.

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These captivating K-dramas have romanticised 2023.

1. Call It Love

Call It Love

  • Lee Gwang-Young is the director.
  • Cast: Ahn Hee-Yeon, Kim Ye-Won, Sung Joon, Lee Sung-Kyung, and Kim Young-Kwang
  • 16 episodes
  • Availability: February 22

Synopsis: Sim Woo-(Lee Joo’s Sung-Kyung) life unravels the moment she learns who her father’s mistress is. She gets expelled from the home by the ex-partner after his unexpected death. Without a roof over her head, she starts planning her retaliation, which involves the mistress’s son, Hang Don Jin (played by Kim Young-Kwang). Don Jin, a workaholic who suffers from loneliness, had a life-changing encounter with Woo-Joo. The latter also has a hard time controlling her emotions.

2. Run Into You

Run Into You

  • Kang Soo Yeon was the director.
  • Cast: Lee Won-jeong, Kim Jong-soo, Seo Ji-hye, Jin Ki-joo, Kim Dong-wook, and Lee Gyu-hoe
  • 16 episodes
  • Released on May 20, 2023

Synopsis: Kim Dong-Yoon wook’s Hae-Joon, a cool-headed and sincere anchor for a broadcasting station, is the station’s youngest employee. Baek Yoon Young, played by Jin Ki-joo, aspires to be a writer while working at a demanding publishing business. They each have an event that alters their lives when they mysteriously return to 1987. When Yoon Young works to prevent her parents from getting married, Hae-Joon is eager to solve a murder case. It’s interesting how the two are related.

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3. Crash Course in Romance

Crash Course in Romance

  • Yoo Jae-Won is the director.
  • Cast: Oh Eui-shik, Lee Bong-ryun, Jung Kyung-ho, Jeon Do-yeon, and Roh Yoon-seo
  • Kim Da-huin and Shin Jae-ha
  • Availability: January 14
  • 16 episodes

Synopsis: Jeon Do-character, yeon’s Nam Haeng Sun, is a former national athlete who now owns a banchan (side dish) shop. She enters the private school industry with optimism and determination and soon befriends the well-liked and dedicated teacher Choi Chi Yeol (Jung Kyung-ho). And the rest is history with this brand-new Netflix streaming option, to use an old cliché.

4. Can We Be Strangers

Can We Be Strangers

  • Kim Yang-Hee is the director.
  • Cast includes Gil Hae-yeon, Moo Jin-sung, Jo Eun-ji, Lee Jae-won, Jeon Bae-soo, Jang Seung-Jo, and Kang So-Ra.
  • Date of publication: January 18
  • 12 episodes

Synopsis: Oh Ha Ra (played by Kang So-Ra) is a skilled divorce solicitor and is known as the goddess of litigation. After their divorce, her ex-husband Goo Eun Beom (played by Jang Seung Jo) become a total stranger to her and is also a competent solicitor. Nevertheless, when they start working at the same legal firm as colleagues, things become problematic.

5. Kokdu: Season of Deity


  • By Baek Soo-Chan and Kim Ji-Hoon
  • Cast: Cha Chung-hwa, Kim Jung-Hyun, Im Soo-Hyang, Kim Da-Som, An Woo-Yeon, and Kim In-kwon
  • Availability: January 27
  • 16 episodes

A high-ranking grim reaper named Kkok Du (played by Kim Jung-Hyun) must spend 49 days on earth once every 99 years, according to the plot synopsis. This time, he achieves so by occupying the body of a person named Do Jin Woo and just so happens to run upon Han Gye-Jeol (Im Soo-hyang), a physician who attended the nation’s lowest-ranked university but who yet has the enigmatic power to command him about.Internet users love Lady Gaga’s new Harley Quinn look from Joker. Check it out here.

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