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Some Interesting Facts related to the personal life of Dr. Vikas Divyakirti- knowing which you will also be surprised.

Dr. Vikas Divyakirti’s Mysteries of Life – Which will prove to be very helpful for every competitive exam student in achieving their goals in life.

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Dr. Vikas Divyakirti, who made a civil officer, his views on reservation and nationalism.

“Why be afraid what will happen in life, if nothing happens then there will be experience”

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Friends, let us tell you that Divyakirti Sir, whenever we take a class on the first day, this line is always said and it is also true that suppose we have failed in some work, but friends, we did not get the experience to do that work.

Dr. Vikas Divyakirti is such a name in the world of Civil Services Examination, which hardly anyone knows or say why only those preparing for civil, students preparing for any competitive examination are well acquainted with Divyakirti Sir.

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You will be surprised to know that Divyakirti Sir wanted to become a leader, he too wanted the post of Prime Minister and this is what his family also wanted.

Today let’s talk about many such shocking facts about Divyakirti sir and his journey from becoming a leader to opening the vision and also his grip on many subjects.

He was born on December 26, 1973 in Haryana, which was then in Punjab. His family belonged to Arya Samaj.

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His family environment was such that both his mother and father were teachers of Hindi subject, due to which he had a good hold on Hindi from the beginning. And his hands in English were as tight at that time, although there is no such thing now.

From the very beginning, Divyakirti Sir, who was on the path of becoming a leader, actively participated in the debates in school and college and for some time the debate was also the means of his livelihood when the financial condition of the house was not good. Friends Divyakirti belonged to a prosperous middle-class family but due to bad situation, to earn his livelihood, he had to work as a salesman where he used to sell calculators which was a very difficult task for him.

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After this, together with his brother, he also opened a painting company, which ran well and during this time he met Vijendra sir in the third year while graduating from History Honors from Zakir Hussain College, friends tell you that this is a mock test of vision today. An important part of the panel.

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On June 4, 1998, he took out the civil services examination in the first attempt, but due to not getting the post he wanted, he thought it better to resign from here and interviewed to become a teacher of Hindi in Shivaji College and friends, due to some reasons he was not selected there. And during this time he got married on 26 May 1997 to Karuna, who was his junior and both were in love with each other.

Let us tell you that after the road was closed from all sides, he started reading Hindi literature and in the beginning about 12 children came, from whom his debt was fulfilled as well as his financial condition was fine.

You will be surprised to know that Dr. Vikas Divyakirti has failed in the remaining three, when all his paths were closed, then he focused his full attention on teaching and the result is in the form of a vision in front of you.

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Divyakirti Sir is also called a feminist because he always maintains such an atmosphere in his classes so that no class feels bad.

Friends, they are adept at teaching in their own different style and explaining any issue in great detail. Many questions are asked about Vikas Divyakirti, even in Google search, which dominates social media.

Friends, let us tell you that after being related to Arya Samaj and studying from Zakir Hussain College, he has a good eye on the Muslim sect and he has many Muslim friends too.

He has a good hold on many subjects like philosophy, sociology, political science, history etc.

After this, after changing the subject, he studied MA, MPhil and PhD in Hindi literature.

Let us tell you that UGC NET / JRF from Hindi literature and NET from sociology have passed the exam. He also has a serious interest in translation work.

Apart from this, there is no one like Karl Marx, Marx Weber, Ambedkar, Shankaracharya, Agyeya, Socrates, Premchand etc., about whom they have not read or know.

 Friends, their understanding about reservation is made on sight. They say that when it comes to gender equality, only women and men are added to it, but the one who needs gender equality the most, then that is the third gender. That is, there is a six or a hijra, about which no one talks at all.

Friends, let us tell you that they have a special inclination towards Hindi medium students and they make every effort to solve their problems. Friends, one of his favorite movies is The Lunch Box.

Let us tell you that even after being related to Arya Samaj, his association has not been much in religious rituals. But yes it has never happened that he has disrespected any religion.

Regarding nationalism, they believe that I do not want that only my nation should be populated, they believe that along with their nation, all the nations should be populated. So friends, these were some interesting and funny things related to Divyakirti sir. Hope you liked it.

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