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Leh-Ladakh Travel Plan: Know the route, timing and packing as well as other important things for traveling to Ladakh

Today, along with some interesting things related to Leh, we will also tell you which are the places where you can roam and stay and how to reach Leh. We will talk about all these in detail.

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1. Which month to go?

Before going to Leh, you should know that in which month would be the best to go there. So friends, Leh tourism opens for 5-6 months between May and October. So now you must be thinking that in which month to go will be the best 

So if you go between June and July then it will be best for you because if you go in the rainy month then you may have to see the rains as well as the landslides.

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Second, if you go between September to October, then along with snowfall, there can be road blockage, due to which you will have to face many problems at the time of going. If you have to, then it is best that you go in the month of June to July so that you have to face least problems.

2. How would it be better to go?

Now after knowing in which month one should go. Let us tell you how to go if you want to go by bike, by car or by any package.

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• First you can go to Leh via Srinagar Kargil. Which will cost you around 420 kms.

• The other way is to go to Leh Ladakh via Manali-Spiti bypass, which will take you about 450 km.

3.Go by bullet or car?

• If you want to go by bullet, then take a package of at least 10 days. and accordingly you can make your forward calculations.

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• If you take Himalayan bullet, then you will have to pay 1600 a day approx.

• If you go by your car then try not to go by vehicles like Swift Dzire because there you may have to cross a lot of rivers, you will find many stones, you will get to see many more things on the way and this Trains will not be suitable for those routes. If you want to go to Leh by your own car, then you can hire or take vehicles like Tata Nexon, Scorpio.

I have told you all about both bullet and car, now it is your choice how you want to go.

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4. If you want to go by bullet then what are the things to keep in mind.

Let’s talk about what are the things that should be with you if you want to go by your bullet.

 1. You should have a jerry can in which you can keep 5 to 10 liters of petrol because there will be very few petrol pumps on the way and if your vehicle runs out of petrol then you may face problem.

 2. Jerry Can 

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 3. Helmet 

 4. Safety Guard 

 5. Tubeless Tires 

 6. Toolkit 

 7. Water Proof Bag 

 8. Winter Clothus 

 9. You can keep things like raincoat etc. with you.

5. Whether a permit may also be required?

Let’s talk that if you are going to Leh, will you even need a permit? So yes, if you want to go to Leh, you cannot go there without taking a permit.

6. There are two ways to get this permit.

• There is a website from where you can take

 • You can also take a permit by reaching the second DM office. Its cost will be at least between 800 to 850. 

If you go through the Atal Tunnel, you don’t need a permit. Even if you go through Srinagar, you do not need to take a permit.

Now let’s talk about how much you may have to spend to eat and drink there, but the person can read about ₹ 200 for a time because the tourism here opens only for 4 to 5 months in which the people there also have to live their life. Some money is required for this, because of this, food can be a bit expensive by refusing you.

7. Where to stay?

If you want to know whether we reached Leh without stopping or staying somewhere in between and then reach Leh again. Friends, if you stop somewhere after 200 km, then it will be better for you.

8. There are three ways in which you guys can stop. 

If you stay in a tent, it will cost 1500-2000 for one person, but if you stay in a hotel then two to three people will cost between 1500-2000. So if you stay in a hotel then it will be better for you because it will be cheaper for you. If you want, you can also stay in any guest house there.

9. After reaching Leh, you must stay for at least 3 days.

• On the first day you have local things that you can see there. Along with that you can see the Buddhist monastery for which it is famous. Along with this, if you want to shop, then you can also do that.

• On the second day you can go to Pangong Lake, you will have to take a permit to go here. There are two ways to get a permit, either if you go by your own car, then friends, there you will find many agents through whom you can get your permit or you can get it made yourself by going to the DM office and if you take a taxi from there. If you go with the people, they will get you built themselves.

• On the third day you can go to Nubra Valley if you want. You do not need any permit to visit Nubra Valley. Go there, take a photo, enjoy.

10. How much will one person cost?

Let’s talk about how much a person’s cost will come to you, then once you go by bullet, then the maximum person will cost you 20,000 and if you go by your car then you will have to spend between 12000 to 15,000. If you go with package people, then friends, you will have to spend between 25000 to 30000 of one people, in which all the expenses of your food, drink, travel, stay will be in the same.

11. Most important thing you should know before going there.

If you go by your own bullet or even take a bullet on rent, then you can go from it only till the hotel. You cannot roam there with your bullet because there is a demand of the local people that those who have come to visit should travel by taxi only because they also have only 5 to 6 months to do business. In which they have to earn their livelihood but yes if you go by your own car then you can go wherever you want, no one will stop you.

Friends, these were some things related to Leh that you should know before going or else you may have to face problems. Hope you liked it. So when are you planning this trip?

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