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If you want a fair and beautiful child, then follow these 5 Steps

These 5 tips, by using which a beautiful baby will be born in your home too.

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Mother is the one who makes us realize that how good we are, there is no one better than us, mother is the one whose happiness is due to our laughter, whose sorrow is from our sorrow, mother is the one without whom we live. Mother is everything, friends, today we will give you some such tips on this post, by following which you too can get a beautiful blonde baby.

1• Nutrient intake-   Friends, during pregnancy, there should be more and more nutritious things in the food, so that your baby will be healthy as well as beautiful. Green vegetables, milk, fruits etc. should be consumed, this will give vitamins to you and the child.

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2• Consumption of oranges-  Friends, juicy oranges should be consumed regularly during pregnancy. Due to this the newborn baby becomes fair and beautiful. Vitamin C is found in orange which enhances the complexion.

3• Consumption of raw coconut-  Friends should eat coconut because coconut contains a lot of potassium which is good for the baby’s skin and hair. Coconut water is also beneficial in pregnancy. Its white color helps in blood circulation by mixing with the melanin of the skin, due to which the skin color is clear.

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4• Consumption of saffron-almond in milk-  Friends, during pregnancy, women should drink milk mixed with saffron-almonds. This enhances the complexion of the child and the child is born healthy. Saffron is a mine of medicinal properties. Saffron provides minerals and other nutrients to both the mother and the baby.

5• Consumption of pomegranate juice-  Friends, drinking pomegranate juice increases the blood circulation of the pregnant woman and also enhances the complexion of the baby. Pomegranate is also a rich source of iron. This strengthens the bones of both mother and baby.

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Note-:  If you consume these 5 elements then your child’s complexion will be clear and bones will also be strong.

Friends, the purpose of a healthy pregnancy is if you follow these tips then your baby will be healthy. If you got benefit from this post then like comment and share as much as possible.

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