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Kalachi Village Mystery: A village where people suddenly fall asleep while walking, No one knows what is the problem

Kalachi Village Mystery: Today we are going to tell about a village where people sleep continuously for many months. There is a strange sleeping disorder in this village, due to which the people here are compared with Kumbhkaran.

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Kalachi Village Mystery: There are many strange places in the world, which are surprising to hear about. Today we are going to tell you about one such village, where people fall asleep at any time. The people living here keep sleeping for many months. This may sound strange to hear but it is absolutely true. Let us tell about this village in detail.

People sleep for many months

The name of this strange village is Kalachi. This village is located in Kazakhstan. The people of this village keep sleeping for many months. For this reason, this village is also called Sleepy Hollow Village. People here were often seen sleeping. For this reason, much research has also been done on these people.

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It was discovered in the year 2010

The first case of sudden gold in this village came to light in the year 2010. Some children suddenly fell in a school and started sleeping. Gradually it spread like a disease in the whole village. Since then, many scientists started doing research here. But despite all the efforts, scientists could not solve this mystery completely. According to a report in Daily Mail, this disease suddenly ended in the year 2015.

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Scientists tell this reason

In Kalanchi village, it is believed that the poisonous gas of uranium comes out due to the sudden sleep of people. Because of this, people here have a unique sleeping disorder. The water here has also become contaminated due to poisonous gas. At the same time, scientists say about here that there is carbon monoxide gas in the water here, due to which the people here keep sleeping for months.


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