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Interesting facts related to the independence of India, which every Indian need to know

Where is the flag of India made – Know some interesting facts related to the independence of India. Some interesting things related to Independence Day – Know which country has the license to make the flag of India.

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“Saare Jahan Se Achcha Hindustan Hamara”

This song written by Iqbal is not just a song, but we all agree that the best of all is our Hindustan. Hindustan is a country which is also known by names like India, India, etc.

Discussions of its valor are popular all over the world.

India has always been the land of heroes and due to these heroes, we got freedom from British rule on 15th August 1947 completely.

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So friends, let us tell you some interesting facts about Independence Day today.

1. Friends, our country became independent only on July 18, 1947, but why do we celebrate Independence Day on August 15, 1947? The reason behind this is that Lord Mountbatten, the first Governor General of India and finally Vice Roy, said that On August 15, 1945, Japan surrendered the elite forces after the Second World War, so we can celebrate this day as Independence Day.

2. Flags are hoisted everywhere on the day of Independence Day and Republic Day. But where is this flag made; Very few people will know this. Friends, this flag is made in Karnataka. This is the only license to make the flag. They make more than one crore flags every year which are distributed in different parts of the country.

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3.Friend one funny thing is that our tricolor flag can be made only from khadi cloth and if flag made from any cloth is hoisted anywhere then it is punishable offense and for this 3 years imprisonment and Fines may be imposed.

4. Friends, do you know which other countries are with us on 15th August who celebrate Independence Day i.e. celebrate their Independence Day. There are four countries that celebrate their Independence Day with us.

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 •First Republic of Congo 

 •Second South Korea 

 •Third Bahrain

 •Fourth Lichtenstein

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5.Do you know that India has ever invaded any country? That is, have you ever occupied any country to increase its border? So if we look at the history of the last 100 years, then no other country has been captured in this country, this is the specialty of our country, but it is also worth noting that if any other country has raised our eyes and eyes, then He has never left him.

6. Friends, do you know that our country was not a republic even after independence, why you all know that we celebrate Republic Day on 26 January because our constitution came into force on 26 January 1950. So did it not come in your mind that who was the head of our country between 1947-1950. So friends, for these three years our country was an independent part of the British Commonwealth of Nations and the head of state was King George 6.

7. Friends, let us tell you a funny thing that during this time the rules and regulations of our country were run according to the Government of India Act 1935 which was an act brought by the Britishers. So friends, these were some interesting facts related to our Independence Day. Hope you liked it.

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