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Interesting facts about ammonium gas

Which gas is lighter than air?

• Ammonia is a lighter gas than air. It was invented by Joseph Priestley in 1771.

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• It is a colorless gas. Its smell is very strong.

• Ammonia is made up of one hydrogen and three nitrogen molecules.

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Method of making Ammonia:-When ammonium chloride is mixed with lime and heated vertically, steam is released, it is called ammonia gas.

Principle of Haber’s Law

Ammonia is formed when a mixture of pure nitrogen and hydrogen in a 1:3 ratio is heated. A catalyst is used to increase the precipitate of ammonia at low temperatures. The adaptation temperature of this reaction is 450 °C to 500 °C in the presence of a catalyst and high-pressure atmosphere because the reaction is reversible. Therefore, after removing this gas from the same area of ​​action, more ammonia gas will be formed.

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Uses of Ammonia:-

• As a fertilizer to increase the yield of crops.

• In the manufacture of synthetic fabrics such as rayon and nylon.

• As a household cleaner – NH 3 is combined with water to wash stainless steel and glass.

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• As fuel for rocket engines.

•In fermentation in the industrial sector.

• As antimicrobial agents in food products.

• To neutralize pollutants such as nitrogen oxides produced by diesel engines.

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•In the textile industry.

• As a pH adjuster during the fermentation process.

Disadvantages of Ammonia:-

• If ammonia gas spreads in the air, then there may be a problem.

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• Our skin starts burning, if ammonia falls on any part of our body then it burns.

• Water starts coming out of the eye like a tear and there may also be a problem of blindness.

• High ammonia levels in the blood can lead to serious health problems, including brain damage, coma and even death. High ammonia levels in the blood are often caused by liver disease. Other causes include kidney failure and genetic disorders.

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Talking about the production areas:-

• Most of the production is done in China.

• India is at number two followed by countries like Europe and America.

• It is soluble in water.

How dangerous and poisonous gas is ammonia?

Ammonia is a colorless gas with a pungent odor. It is lighter than air. Chemical fertilizers like urea, ammonium sulphate, ammonium phosphate, ammonium nitrate etc. are used to make it. Aqueous solutions of ammonia are called liqueurs ammonia.

Where is ammonia found naturally?

Ammonia can occur naturally in many parts of the environment, such as soil, air, and vegetation. Also, note that the human body naturally produces ammonia which breaks down protein-rich food into amino acids. This ammonia is later converted into urea.

News related to ammonia gas.

Ammonia gas leak in a factory in Odisha’s Balasore had left 90 workers ill. Similar cases of ammonia gas leaks have been coming to the fore.

So friends, this was some important information related to ammonia gas.

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