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Indian Railway: What will happen if the driver falls asleep in a moving train? 99% of people do not know this system of railways

Indian Railway Facts: You are traveling by train, and suddenly the driver of the train falls asleep. So what will happen to the train? Can the train be a victim of an accident in such a situation? Let’s say…

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Indian Railway Facts: Indian Railways is the fourth largest rail network in the world and the second largest in Asia. Train is such a means of transport, in which every class of person travels. If you have ever traveled on a train, then you would know that the entire train is controlled by a single engine. At the same time, there is a driver in the engine of the train, which is called a loco pilot. But think about what will happen if the driver of the train falls asleep? Will the train become a victim of a major accident? Let’s tell.

There are two drivers on the train

You must be aware that thousands of passengers travel together on the train. In such a situation, the railway has come up with an idea so that there is no accident due to the driver falling asleep. Let us tell you that apart from the driver, there is also an assistant driver on the train. If a driver falls asleep or there is some other problem, the assistant driver wakes him up. In case of any serious problem, it is informed at the next station and the train is stopped. After this, a new driver is given on the train from the station.

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What if they both fall asleep?

It must also be coming to the mind of many people what will happen if both the drivers of the train fall asleep. So let us tell you that the chances of this happening are very less. But still, the Railways has installed a ‘Vigilance Control Device’ in the engine of the train for this. This device installed in the engine of the train takes care that if the driver has not reacted for a minute, then an audio-visual indication comes within 17 seconds. The driver has to accept it by pressing the button. If the driver does not respond to this indication, automatic braking starts after 17 seconds.

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Train stops by itself

While driving the train, the driver has to repeatedly increase the speed and blow the horn. That is, the driver remains fully active while on duty. If he does not respond for a minute, the railway sends this audio-visual indication. When there is no response from the driver, the train stops at a distance of 1 km and other railway employees inside the train take cognizance of the matter. In this way, railways prevent major accidents from happening.

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