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Indian Railway: More luggage can bring you problems while Train journey, Railways issued a new rule, Know full News

Indian Railway Luggage Rule: Railways can take action against those carrying more luggage in the train. The Ministry of Railways has advised booking luggage to carry more luggage. During the journey in the train, only 40 to 70 kg of luggage is allowed to be carried.

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If you take the train, this is good news for you. Now, passengers on the train may have to pay more if they bring more things with them. Railways have told people that if they want to bring more luggage, they should book it at the parcel office. If you carry more goods than the rules allow, you could get in trouble.

Advice is given to passengers to book luggage 

In fact, trains have always been a popular way for people to travel long distances in the country. This is because passengers can bring more luggage on a train than on a flight. Even though there is a limit on how much luggage you can bring on a train trip, many people still travel with too much luggage, which makes other people uncomfortable. This is why the railways have put restrictions in place for these people. It’s suggested that you book luggage.

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Railway Ministry gave information by tweeting

By tweeting from its official Twitter account, the Ministry of Railways has told people not to bring too much luggage on their trip. The ministry said that if you have more things to carry, you’ll only enjoy the trip half as much. Don’t take more things with you on the train. If you have too much luggage, you can book it at the parcel office.

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There is a discount for carrying so much luggage

According to Railways rules, passengers can only bring between 40 and 70 kg of luggage on a train. If someone has more than this much luggage, he will have to pay a different fare. In fact, the weight of the luggage depends on which train coach you are in. The railways say that people in the sleeper class can bring up to 40 kg of luggage with them. At the same time, you can bring 50 kg of luggage up to AC-Tier without paying extra. In First Class AC, on the other hand, people can bring up to 70 kg of luggage.

Extra fare will have to be paid for carrying more luggage

It is important to remember that if a passenger’s luggage weighs more than what is allowed, the railways can charge extra fees. Along with this, stops, gas cylinders, any kind of flammable chemical, crackers, acid, smelly items, leather or wet skins, oil, grease, ghee, and similar things brought in packages, as well as items whose breaking or leaking could damage things or people while on the train. damage may occur. It is also against the law to carry banned items on a train. Section 164 of the Railway Act says that action can be taken if a passenger is carrying something in one of these banned items while on a train.


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