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How to start a car washing business? Will earn more than 50,000 every month

The income of the middle class in India is continuously increasing, due to which they are spending a lot of money on buying luxuries. Is. The car washing business is also one of them. This business can be very beneficial for youths thinking of opening their own business, youth can earn good money by washing cars and other vehicles, and this business generates up to 80 percent profit.

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What are the things needed for a car washing business?

To start a car washing business, you will need at least 1500 square feet of space, a good electrical connection, and water beside some equipment.

Necessary Equipment

1. Steam Jet Machine

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2. Quick Connect System

3. Gun

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4. Gun Hose Pipe

5. High pressure

6. Spray Extraction Machine

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7. Wet and Dry Vacuum Machine

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Apart from this, some raw materials will also be required which are as follows-

1. Alloy Treatment

2. Car Care

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3. Paint Protection Products

4. Car Washing Chemical

How much will it cost to start this business?

  • Many tools will be required to wash work and other vehicles, although all the equipment will come up to 2 lakhs, apart from these tools you will also have to make a stand, the price of a stand made of iron in the market is about 80 thousand if you want. So a brick stand can also be made.
  • In addition to building a stand, you’ll need a place to store equipment and sit with customers.
  • Overall, 5 to 6 lakh rupees will be required to do car washing business.

How much will be earning in this business?

Earning in the car washing business depends on how many customers you have and the competition in your area. Still, if 20-25 customers come every day, then you can earn 3000-5000 thousand every day, in this business, the cost of the same used in car washing is very less, the cost of worker and electricity bill. Leaving you can easily earn 50 thousand months.

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