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Delhi Metro: After all, how does the Delhi Metro always shine, know how the cleaning of metro trains is done

Delhi Metro Cleaning and Maintenance: During the journey in Delhi Metro, you must have seen that the metro train is always clean, but do you know how the Delhi Metro is cleaned and how the stations are always shining apart from the trains.

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Delhi Metro Cleaning and Maintenance Process: In the last one month, the services of Delhi Metro have been affected many times due to technical problems, due to which people had to face problems. On an average, more than 3 million people travel every day in the Delhi Metro, which started in December 2002. However, before the Coronavirus Pandemic, this number was much higher. Passengers always get better facilities in Delhi Metro, but do you know how Delhi Metro is cleaned and how stations are always shining apart from trains.

Delhi Metro Network

The network of Delhi Metro is continuously increasing. At present, Delhi Metro is operating on a route of 390.14 km, including the Noida-Greater Noida Corridor and Gurugram’s Rapid Metro, and metro facilities are being provided to passengers at 286 stations. However, even after this, the pace of progress of the metro has not slowed down and work is still going on on many routes.

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Delhi Metro Timing

Delhi Metro service timings usually start at 5:30 am and run till 11:30 am. However, the timings of the first train and the last train are different at every station. Metro services on the Airport Express Line usually start at 4.45 am and run till 11.30 pm. Metro service is available every 2-3 minutes in peak hours, while there is a difference of 5-10 minutes between trains during non-peak times.

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Delhi Metro Cleaning and Maintenance

There are a total of 14 depots for the maintenance and cleaning of Delhi Metro, where work is done from 11 pm to 1 pm. About 40 trains come for maintenance and cleaning in every depot of Delhi Metro. About 100 people in each depot do the cleaning and maintenance of these trains daily.

Delhi Metro Maintenance

The maintenance work of Delhi Metro is done in two phases. In the first phase, the trains are cleaned and in the second phase, the disturbances are rectified. After arriving at the depot, the dust and soil of the trains are cleaned with an automatic machine. After this the faults of the trains are checked and rectified. However, where the fault will be rectified, it is decided in the control room and then instructions are given to the driver on which track to park the train. In the second phase itself, software updates, telecom operation, wheel checking, signal system, electric supply, air condition, and coach body are also checked in the second phase.

Stations are also constantly being cleaned

Apart from metro trains, cleaning of all 286 stations of Delhi Metro network is done continuously. The employees of Delhi Metro keep on cleaning the station continuously. Apart from this, the employees keep cleaning inside the metro trains even during the journey.

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