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From September, Yamuna Expressway toll prices will increase, making travel THIS costly.

Tolls on the 165-kilometre-long Yamuna Expressway have been increased by the Yamuna Express Industrial Development Authority, from 15 paise to Rs 3.25 per kilometre. Starting today, September 1, the toll for using the Yamuna Expressway between Delhi and Agra will be higher.

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It was decided to increase tolls on the 165-kilometre-long Yamuna Expressway during the 74th board meeting of the regulatory authority, the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA).

The Yamuna Expressway’s tolls were last raised in the year 2021.

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The expressway is usually in the news because of the fast vehicles due to its superior construction, but recently it has been making headlines because of the higher toll prices, which have gone around 15 paise to Rs 3.25 per kilometre, based on the vehicle class.

The revised rates increase the toll fee for cars, jeeps, vans, as well as other light motor vehicles from Rs 2.50 per kilometre to Rs 2.65 per kilometre on the Expressway. 

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The YEIDA announced in a statement that the fuel tax for LCVs, LGVs, and minibuses would increase from Rs 3.90 to Rs 4.15 per kilometre.

The document announced that the toll prices for buses and trucks would be raised from Rs 7.90 to Rs 8.45 per kilometre.

The price of toll for vehicles with three to six wheels has gone up from Rs 12.05 to Rs 12.90 per kilometre.

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According to the announcement, the rate for medium and large trucks increased from Rs 15.55 per kilometre to Rs 18.80 per kilometre. 

To what end would a toll hike be justified?

Costing the authority Rs 130 crore, the highway renovation followed a safety audit by a team from IIT Delhi. According to the YEIDA, the expressway concessionaire invested Rs 130.54 crore in improvements after receiving recommendations to do so from an IIT Delhi road safety audit.

The Value of the Yamuna Expressway

Delhi, the walled capital of the country, is linked to Agra by the Yamuna Motorway, which is a restricted-access expressway that has cut the travel time between the cities to a mere two or three hours. With the Expressway cutting through Noida and Greater Noida instead of the older Delhi-Mathura-Agra route, the 165 kilometres between both the two major cities can be travelled in little under two hours.

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