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Following the passing of the Queen, the Kohinoor diamond became popular, and many demanded the Royal Family return the Diamond. – Read Full news to know more details.

Kohinoor trended on Twitter – After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, there is a range of sentiments. The majority of people are expressing their sympathy and grief on social media. In India, there are also several mourners of his passing. Nevertheless, Kohinoor is popular in India. From the moment of Kohinoor’s death till 2:00 PM on September 9th, about 15K tweets referenced him.

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What the Twitter user wrote: Umang, who uses the handle @worldbestbawse, wrote: “Since the queen’s death, Camilla has been the worst monarch to ever reign. Can Kohinoor be brought back? RIP, Queen Elizabeth II.”

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The royal family was mentioned on Twitter by @Inkquisitive, who also said, “With every passage, we pay our respects to them.”

Therefore, our first and main prayer is for the surviving family members of the deceased. He said, “If we had been given the Kohinoor during his rule, my personal esteem in this area would have been considerably greater.” Britain is where I live, yet my culture runs deep.

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Magazine Aditya Rai tweeted a piece from Bloomberg UK with the subject line “Former British colony? Really? Why not bring up the vast treasure that the British royal robbers and the Kohinoor took from India?

Before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Britain in November 2015, British MP Keith Vaz, who is of Indian descent, urged that the Kohinoor be returned. During PM Modi’s visit, he had requested that the Kohinoor diamond be given back to India. Following Shashi Tharoor’s address at the Oxford Union, in which he suggested that Britain should make a monetary payment in restitution for its 200 years of control over India, Keith Vaz made the following comment.

Kohinoor has already become popular when Sunil Gavaskar urged the British commentator to return it in a humorous manner during the IPL broadcast. Gavaskar had made a statement. “Look, Wilkins, the Queen’s Necklace,” Sunil Gavaskar said. Still on hold is the Kohinoor diamond. Return our Kohinoor to us if they have any jugaad in the British government.

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Let us inform you that a very extensive list of furniture were sent to Britain before to independence. The Kohinoor diamond is known as the most well-known of these artefacts. Everything in the world has a cost, but until this point no one has been able to place a figure on Kohinoor. The goal of bringing all the artefacts, including Kohinoor, to India was discussed in 2016. The British Foreign Ministry had said that the British Museum Act of 1963 forbade the removal of items from national institutions.

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