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Cancer Drug: Cancer drug found! Patients fully recovered in drug trial within 6 months

Cancer Drug: After a trial, it has been claimed that in 18 patients who were given this drug, their rectal cancer was completely cured.

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Cancer is considered an incurable disease and science is still finding its exact medicine. But after a clinical trial, it is being claimed that a medicine can cure this disease. The patients on whom the experiment was done in the trial, were completely cured.

In this clinical trial, 18 patients suffering from rectal cancer were included. He was given a drug called Dostarlimab for 6 months. After 6 months they were fine.

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According to the report of the New York Times, dosterlimab is a drug that is made up of molecules made in the lab. This medicine acts as a substitute antibody in the body.

In the trial, all patients with rectal cancer were given the same drug. After 6 months of this treatment, the cancer of all the patients completely disappeared, which could not be detected even in endoscopy. 

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The medical world was surprised by the results of the trial

According to the report, the patients involved in the clinical trial were earlier undergoing painful treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery for the treatment of cancer.

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18 patients had joined this trial thinking that this too is a treatment stage. But when he came to know that he no longer needed further treatment, he was surprised by this. The results of this clinical trial have taken the medical world by surprise.

No visible side effects

Dr. Alan P. Venuk, a colorectal cancer specialist at the University of California, said the full recovery of all patients is ‘unprecedented’. He also told that side effects were not observed in any patient during drug trials.

The co-author of the research paper said that when the patients came to know that their cancer was completely cured, they all had tears of joy in their eyes.

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During the trial, the patients were given medicine every third week for six months. All were at the same stage of cancer. The disease had spread to his rectum, but it did not affect other organs. 

Cancer researchers reviewing the drug said that this treatment has given hope, but it needs a large-scale trial to be sure whether this drug is also effective in other patients and whether it really cures cancer completely. can fix?


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