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A man troubled by the heat applied ‘typical desi jugaad’, and covered the Maruti Omni with cow dung to keep it cool

Today most parts of the country are facing severe heat waves. The people living in the house somehow get some relief from this heat, but for those who want to go out, this heat has become a disaster. Amidst this rising temperature, the car or bike seat parked in the parking lot starts heating up within a few minutes. For those who travel, sitting on it is no less than a punishment.

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In such a situation, a person has found a very indigenous way to beat this fierce heat. This Pune man has covered his whole with cow dung to keep the car cool in the scorching heat. The owner of the Maruti Suzuki Omni has made cow dung his weapon to win the battle with the heat and completely covered it with cow dung, leaving the windshield, bumpers, and lights of his Maruti Omni.

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However, this is not the first time that someone has made such a desi jugaad to escape the heat. Earlier in the year 2019, a woman named Sejal Shah from Ahmedabad covered her Toyota Corolla Altis with cow dung to keep it cool. He claimed that the cow dung coating is really helpful for his car and ensures that the temperature inside the car is controlled. He claimed that when the outside temperature was 45 degrees Celsius, the cabin temperature without AC was around 36-37 degrees.

According to experts, cow dung works on the principle of thermal insulation. By applying cow dung to the car, it will not allow the heat coming from the outside environment to come inside, which will keep the coolness inside the car! Please note that this is only the opinion of the experts. No research has been done on this yet.

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