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Do these 5 businesses by staying in the village, You will earn lakhs

For years, people have been migrating from village to city to earn money because better facilities, more money are available in the city, but now it is not that one cannot earn well by living in the village, there are many businesses which are not available in the city. If you go and do it in the village itself, then you can earn good money.

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So let’s start with 5 village business ideas

1. Online Selling

Yes, you can earn millions by selling online. Often you must have seen that the deliverymen come to deliver the goods in the village, these goods are sold by the seller on the website of e-commerce companies like Amazon Flipkart, you can also do selling on these websites. By creating an account on these e-commerce websites, you can sell anything and earn millions. For this it is necessary to have internet and phone or laptop.

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2. Candle Making

There is often a problem of electricity in the village, although the government is trying to provide electricity to the whole country, people in the village use candles and diyas when the electricity goes out, so if you do candle-making business in the village, then it is enough. Can be beneficial as the demand for candles is very high in the market. If the demand increases, you can also give employment to other people, there is a lot of potential in this business too.

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3. Flour Mill

The people of the city mostly buy the packaged flour, lentils, spices, but the people of the village use the flour, spices, pulses ground in the mill. You can earn a good income by grinding flour, pulses, spices, sattu, gram flour etc. by setting a mill in the village and packing it and selling it in the market with your own brand name.

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4. Goat Farming

Often you must have seen goats in the village. Did you know this can be a business idea? Yes, you can earn in lakhs by opening a goat farm, you will need a place to open a goat farm. Fodder for goat will be easily available in the village as there is no dearth of greenery and grass here. Goat’s milk is sold very expensive in the market and many products of goat’s milk are made, which are in great demand in the market.

5. Making the Jwarf

Broom is needed everywhere in the village, city, home, shop, office, cleanliness is required everywhere. That’s why the sale of broom is very high. Apart from hands, you can also make brooms with machines, you will find these machines in the market. Grass, coconut, palm leaves are used to make liquor which you can find in the village. You will not even need a lot of capital to make a jharu. This can be a better way to earn money living in the village. You can do these five business in the village and earn good money.

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