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Your train has been canceled today, is that correct? Before you arrive at the train station, check the list of canceled trains.

There are numerous different ways to travel throughout the nation. However, people favor trains for cheap travel and long-distance travel on various modes of transportation. Nevertheless, today’s cancellation of numerous trains.

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There are thousands of canceled trains every day throughout the nation. Using trains for transportation is quite convenient for people. In addition, many favors using the railways as an inexpensive mode of transportation for lengthy domestic excursions. But it has also frequently been observed that there are instances when railroad movement is hampered by unknown causes. The result is that the passengers experience a lot of difficulties. At the same time, there may be delays or even cancellations in the status of the train.

As a result, trains are canceled.

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There are various reasons why trains are canceled. Weather, technical issues, track maintenance, and other factors are frequently cited as reasons for train cancellations. Currently, the wet season has a significant impact on train traffic. The issue of water logging also results in the cancellation or rescheduling of trains. In addition, inclement weather presents a challenge

Terminated Train

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A total of 187 trains have been canceled as of today, August 2. 39 of these trains have been partially canceled, while 148 of them have been entirely canceled. In addition, numerous trains have been rescheduled and rerouted. Of these, 22 trains have been diverted, and 7 have been rescheduled.

How to check the canceled train list?

Click this link to check the list of canceled trains

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Visit this link: 

Following this, on June 27, a list of partially canceled trains and a list of entirely canceled trains will be displayed here. 

On the other hand, go to to view the list of trains that have been rescheduled or diverted.


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