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You can take these easy routes to go to Kedarnath, this journey will be very cheap from these routes

Friends, today we will tell you heaven or in other words, how to see Kedarnath ji, how to reach there? How much will it cost? And where will you stop? I will tell you in detail about all these topics. Kedarnath is located in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand.

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1.How to reach?

• First of all let’s talk about how to reach by train?

There are three ways to reach by train. From wherever you are coming, you can come to Haridwar, Dehradun or Rishikesh railway station. Then you will have to take a bus to go to Sonprayag from here, no private car or personal car will go.

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•How did you come by flight?

You can take a flight from your city to Dehradun Airport and after that you will have to reach Sonprayag and go by bus. Car does not go beyond Sonprayag. You can park your car at Sonprayag.

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Whose fare will be 50 rupees a day.

• The distance from Haridwar to Sonprayag is 230 kms.

• The distance from Dehradun to Sonprayag is 250 kms.

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• The distance from Rishikesh to Santra is 210 kms.

If you face problem in traveling by bus, then you should take a bus from Rishikesh as the distance from here is a little less.

2.At what time will the bus be available?

To go to Sonprayag, you will get buses from 5:00 am to 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

3.How to get tickets?

You will get both online and offline tickets to go to Sonprayag.

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•Person on online ticket will cost 500.

• Person will cost 350 on offline ticket.

• These fares are for the sitting bus.

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•Push bank on the bus

• The person will fall on the offline 500.

• Online person will fall on 700-750.

4.Where did you stay in Sonprayag?

No sleeper buses ply as the road till Sonprayag is not good. It takes about 8-9 hours to reach Sonprayag. Even if the journey is long, you can also stop at Sonprayag if you want. On staying here:-

• It will take 800-1000 after the season.

• It will take 3000-4000 in the season.

• The dormitory will take 350 people.

• A person will be charged for 100 rupees in the hall.

You can stay in whatever is right according to your budget.

5.Which is the best season to visit Kedarnath?

• The doors of Kedarnath are opened on Akshaya Tritiya in April-May.

• The doors are closed on the day of Kartik Purnima in November or December.

•April and May are the time of holidays, due to which there is a lot of crowd at this time and everything is expensive at this time so going at this time may be against your budget.

• Due to rain in July-August, there can be a lot of problems, so it is not safe to go here at this time.

• According to the budget and the philosophy is good, from this point of view, if you want to go, then you go in November-December. You will have the facility of everything.

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6.After reaching Sonprayag, you will have to go to Gaurikund. The distance of Gaurikund from Sonprayag is 5 kilometers.

There are two ways to go from Sonprayag to Gaurikund:-

• To go by mule, it will take 2500 person.

• Private taxi will cost a person Rs.30.

• You can also visit Gauri Mata Temple in Gaurikund. The line is quite long at the time of May-June in season.

•The distance of Kedarnath from Gaurikund is 16 kilometers. For this it is important that if you leave at 3 to 4 in the morning, then it will be right for you and will reach Kedarnath comfortably by evening.

•All arrangements for food and drink are also done in Gaurikund. If you want, you can have tea and breakfast there.

7.There are four ways to go to Kedarnath from Gaurikund:-

• To go by mule, a person will be charged for 2300 rupees.

•Pittu will cost a person Rs 5000-6000.

• If you want to go by helicopter, it is 15 km before Sonprayag, you can take your ticket by stopping there. Its fare will cost a person 6000. If you want, you can also book it online. Whose website is Pawanhans.

• To go on foot, you take a stick, which will cost you about 30 rupees.

If you go on foot, then the view will be very beautiful and on the way, along with tea, breakfast, washroom, you will also find small hospitals for first aid, where if you have any problem in breathing then you can get your treatment there. Is.

• There is a base camp 1 km before Kedarnath, you can stop there, eat and drink and proceed for Kedarnath Darshan.

• There are also three ways to stop here:-

• The base camp will have 300 people.

• Thali in base camp will cost Rs 200 and breakfast will cost around Rs 100.

• The hut will take 750 people.

•Hut house will have a person on 990.

8.When is the time of Kedarnath Darshan?

Aarti takes place in the evening and at 6 in the morning. Darshan takes place till 9 pm.

9.Where can you roam after Kedarnath?

• Bhairon temple will be half a kilometer from here, you can also visit there.

• Vasuki Tal is 6-7 kms, you can roam here too.

• Gandhi Sarovar is 3 kms, it is also a good place to visit.

10.How many days to make the tour.

If you come here with at least four days’ time, then you will be able to roam well.

11.Now let’s talk about how much money it will cost.

• So friends, except from which city do you come from, if seen from Haridwar, then it will take 3000 on foot around off season and on season 5000 will be approx.

•Mule will take around 7000.

• It will take about 10,000 from the helicopter.

So friends, this was the complete details of going to Kedarnath Dham. Hope you liked it. So plan your tour soon.

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