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With the iPhone 14 series, Apple will introduce THESE “wildcard features.” 

Apple and Globalstar might work together to include the feature in the upcoming iPhone. Apple’s ‘Far Out’ event will take place on September 7. The business is anticipated to introduce the 2022 iPhone range at the event. MacRumors has reported that the Cupertino business may be developing a few ‘wildcard features’ for the iPhone 14 series, which has been the subject of much speculation. Like to know what they are?

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Apple’s upcoming iPhones may finally incorporate satellite connectivity features. It was first speculated that the iPhone 13 will incorporate the capability. A Bloomberg article claims that the function will enable users to access cellular networks in far-flung locations, enabling users to send text messages in case of an emergency. Even if they are in a location without cell service, they can still use the iPhone to call for help.

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A credible insider in the tech business claims that Apple and Globalstar are in talks to work together on a feature for the next iPhone.

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Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple researcher, recently stated that premium iPhones in 2022 may incorporate a vapour chamber thermal technology for heat management. A solution like this, Kuo claims, is being “aggressively tested” by Apple for the iPhone. Notably, high-end Android devices already use vapour chamber thermal solutions, allowing them to remain cool despite heavy workloads.

After the release of the iPhone 13, Apple stopped offering a 64GB model and started selling the iPhone 13 Pro having 1TB of storage. There have been whispers that the iPhone 14 will come with a 2TB storage device from the manufacturer. The new memory will most likely feature high-end devices in the series.

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WiFi 6E, the newest standard for wireless networks, is projected to be included in Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 14 series. The newest WiFi standard has more throughput and better resilience to high-volume uses. The newest iterations of the iPhone, Mac, and iPad all feature WiFi 6.

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