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Why do most EVs catch fire? Discover the reason behind electric scooter why catch fire.- Read Full News to Know more.

Auto Desk, New Delhi: Electric two-wheelers have caught fire multiple times. Most fireman two-wheelers are electric scooters. Safety worries have arisen about electric scooters. Today we’ll explain why most electric scooters catch fire.

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What’s wrong with e-scooters?
Like other electric vehicles, e-scooter fires are caused by the battery. 90% of India’s electric cars have lithium-ion batteries.

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The volatile lithium electrolyte in a battery may overheat and explode. Thus, EV fires are gaining attention.

Cooling System

Electric scooters’ cooling systems may create fires. Liquid cooling systems are suitable for four-wheelers like electric automobiles and buses. Electric scooters employ air-cooling. Air-cooled motors are less efficient than liquid-cooled motors. Especially in July.

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BMS (Battery Management System)

Electric scooter fires are also linked to the battery management system. Experts say electric car battery management systems use lab-scale data and models. Cars’ battery management systems are better tested than scooters’. To prevent mishaps, real-time operation should be created.


The fire’s charging strategy may be to blame. Overcharging a scooter’s battery is harmful, so don’t do it overnight. Overcharging involves pumping too much electricity into the battery. After 100% charge, the current degrades the battery material, increasing the fire risk.

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