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Who is more powerful between IAS and IPS, know what is the difference between these two

IAS and IPS Power: The work of IAS and IPS officers is different and they have different roles, but do you know who is more powerful in both.

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Difference between IAS and IPS Administrative Power: Every year lakhs of students appear in the Civil Service Examination of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), but only a few get success, who are selected for IAS, IPS, IES or As an IFS officer. Even though all these officers are selected from the same exam, but their work is different and their roles are also different. So let us tell you what is the difference between IAS and IPS and who is more powerful in both.

IAS-IPS is selected after passing the UPSC exam

After the result of the mains exam is out, all the candidates have to fill a detail application form (DAF), in which they have to give all their information and on this basis the personality test is conducted. On the basis of this information, questions are asked in the interview as well. The merit list is prepared by adding the marks obtained in the mains exam and interview and then the All India Ranking is decided. The merit list is prepared on the basis of different categories i.e. General, SC, ST, OBC, EWS.

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IAS, IPS or IFS rank is given on the basis of the ranking found in the merit list. Those who get the top rank in the merit list get the IAS post and after that those are selected for the post of IPS, IFS and IRS. However, many times the top rankers want to become IPS, then those with lower ranks can also get the post of IAS.

IAS-IPS training is done simultaneously for 3 months

After the selection of IAS and IPS through UPSC exam, the training of both starts from the foundation course at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA), Mussoorie. During this three months training is given to all the candidates and basic administrative skills are taught. Apart from this, training of mental and physical strength is also given.

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India Day is organized for the selected officers, in which all the officers display the culture of their respective state and show the country’s ‘unity in diversity’ through dress, folk dance or food. During the training, the officers are given village visits and they have to go to a remote village and stay for 7 days. During this, they get a chance to understand every aspect of village life closely.

IAS-IPS training varies after 3 months

The work of IAS officer and IPS is completely different and due to this the training of both is also different. After 3 months of foundation training, candidates selected for IPS are trained at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA) in Hyderabad, while IAS trainees undergo further training at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA).

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An IAS officer has to go through more tough training and his training includes horse riding, parade and weapon handling. At the same time, after 3 months of foundation training, the professional training of an IAS officer starts and in this information is given about every sector of administration and governance.

What are the responsibilities of IAS-IPS?

As reported by Business Insider, IAS officers are given the responsibility of handling the administration of the area/district/department after training. IAS officers are given powers to implement all policies and take necessary decisions apart from making proposals for the development of their respective fields.

The responsibility of an IPS officer is to maintain law and order in his area and investigate crime. IPS officers wear a uniform while on duty, whereas an IAS officer has no dress code and wears formal dress. The IAS officer gets facilities like bodyguard, vehicle and the like on the basis of different posts, while the entire police force runs with the IPS officer.

Who is more powerful in IAS and IPS

The work of an IAS officer and an IPS officer is completely different and accordingly, the powers of both are also completely different. The IAS officers are controlled by the Department of Personnel and Training and the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, while the IPS cadre is controlled by the Union Home Ministry. The salary of an IAS officer is higher than that of an IPS officer. Only one IAS officer is deployed in any one area, while the number of IPS officers can be more or less in one area according to the need. Accordingly, the rank of an IAS officer is better than an IPS officer in terms of salary and authority.

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