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Today we will tell you 12 such easy ways, with the help of which you will be able to keep flies away from your house, so be sure to read the post carefully.

1•Basil leaves-: Do you know that the flies do not come into the house because of the fragrance of basil leaves, because basil is a medicine whose small flies do not like.

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2• Vinegar -: Vinegar is the best way to get the flies away, take some vinegar in a bowl and then add some detergent to it, which will attract the flies to it, but will not be able to go out and will drown in it.

3• Use of camphor- The smell of camphor is very strong, which flies cannot tolerate, hence the flies run away immediately.

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4• Apple and Clove-: Let us tell you that the flies do not tolerate the smell of cloves, you put some cloves in an apple and keep it in such a place where there are flies and you will see that the flies are running away.

5•Cajwain powder-: By using ajwain powder and spraying its oil in the house, flies also run away.

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6• Plastic bags of water: Hang plastic bags of water on the door of the house so that flies will not come inside the house.

7• Plant marigold plants-: Plant marigold flowers around the house, even more, flies run away.

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8• Screening -: Screening gives enough light to the house, so you can prevent flies from entering your house.

9•Fly paper-: You make a solution of sugar and corn starch and spread it on thick brown paper, and hang it on the door of your house, so that the flies will not come inside the house.

10• Run a fan-: This is the easiest way to detect flies and you will not even have to do anything. All you have to do is open the fan of your room and the wind will blow away all the flies because the flies cannot tolerate strong wind.

11•Cinnamon-: Use cinnamon to drive away flies, they also hate its smell and run away from it.

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12. Chilli Spray-: If there are more flies in the house, then you can also use pepper spray, its fragrance drives away the flies, just after spraying this spray, the flies do not sit on the food items.

Note-: If you want to keep your house fly free, then follow any one of the above methods, and cover the windows with curtains as much as possible and take care of the cleanliness of the house and do not keep dirt in the house. Because flies are attracted to dirt, keep it clean to avoid flies.

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