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This strange lake has a ‘forest with inverted trees’, what is the secret of this underwater forest? Know Here

The beauty of the lakes attracts most of the tourists, if there is a lake inside which there are trees visible in reverse, then you will definitely want to go there, let us introduce you to such amazing tourist places.

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Till now you must have heard about many lakes around the world, but today we will tell you about such a lake, inside which the whole forest is covered. The name of this peculiar lake is ‘Lake Kaindy’ and it is in Kazakhstan.

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You will get surprised by this beautiful place

Lake Kaindy is one of the famous tourist places of Kazakhstan and its beauty amazes people. When you look into the lake, then a whole forest is settled inside it and you may feel like there are trees growing in the water. Actually, wooden poles have come out in the lake, which is part of the trees. The rest of these trees are submerged underwater. It is like a forest of trees inside the lake.

Know the story of the lake

Now you will be stunned to hear the story of this lake. It is said that in the year 1911 there was a terrible earthquake, after which the whole area was flooded with water and a forest full of trees was also submerged in water. This lake is located at an altitude of about 2,000 meters above sea level and is 291 kilometers away from the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan.

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People’s favorite place

Another special thing about Lake Kaindy is that its water is very cold and it acts like a refrigerator for the trees. This lake is a favorite place of people for ice diving and fishing in the winter season.


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