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This asana will strengthen your lungs, and will also get rid of respiratory problems, Know this easy method and its benefits

Benefits of Khanda Pranayama: Today we have brought you the benefits of Khanda Pranayama. This is a very beneficial and effective yoga for your health, which along with strengthening the body, also affects the function of the system. This removes shortness of breath and also strengthens the lungs. The special thing is that Khand Pranayama can prove to be helpful in stopping the pace of your aging.

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What is Khanda Pranayama?

Khanda is a Sanskrit word, which means piece, and pranayama means control of prana or breath. Through this pranayama, divide the breath into two pieces and focus on them. This is the most dynamic and powerful breathing technique. However, first of all, you should do it under the supervision of some yoga experts.

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Keep this thing in mind while doing Khanda Pranayama

You have to keep in mind that whenever you practice Khanda Pranayama, the face should be towards the east. The practice of this asana proves to be good in the morning. In Khanda Pranayama, first, take a deep breath for a count of two, then exhale completely for a count of two. This completes a set. Practice it continuously without taking a break. It is advisable not to exceed ten minutes.

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How to do Khanda Pranayama

  • First of all, by laying a mat, sit in the position of Dandasana.
  • Now keep your back straight and take a deep breath.
  • Now balance your energies and concentrate the mind.
  •  To do Khanda Pranayama, you sit in the perfect Padmasana ideal posture.  
  • Then straighten your back and close your eyes.
  • After this, place your palms on your knees.
  • Now take a deep breath by dividing the breath into two equal parts.
  • During this, you focus your attention on one place.
  • After this, exhale twice without holding the breath in the lungs.
  • Maintain this rhythm for at least 10 minutes.

Benefits of Khanda Pranayama

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  1. Its practice increases the ability of the lungs to take oxygen.
  2. Its practice also helps in increasing the power of the lungs.
  3. Along with building stamina, it is helpful in burning extra fat.
  4. Along with keeping the skin healthy, it reduces the signs of aging. 
  5. It also gives relief from the problem of shortness of breath. 
  6. The special thing about this asana is that it helps in calming the mind.


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