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Tata Nexon, Harrier, Safari, Altroz, Tiago, and Tigor are getting huge discounts, know the offers before buying

Discounts On Tata Cars: There is an offer of up to Rs.20,000 on Tata Tiago. However, there is no offer on its CNG variant. 

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Offers On Tata Cars: This month of July, Tata Motors is offering huge discounts on almost all its passenger vehicles. Attractive benefits are being offered on models like Tata Tiago, Tata Tigor, Tata Harrier, Tata Safari, and Tata Nexon. These offers include exchange discounts and consumer scheme benefits. Let’s know about them. Let’s start with the Tata Tiago. There is an offer of up to 20 thousand rupees on Tata Tiago. However, its XE, XM and XT variants have total offers of only 10 thousand rupees while XZ and above variants have offers up to 20 thousand rupees. There is no offer on its CNG variant. Apart from this, there is also an offer of Rs 10,000 on XE and XM variants of Tata Tigor while Rs 20,000 on XZ and above variants. There is no offer on its CNG variant either. 

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Offers of up to Rs 40,000 are available on all variants of Tata Harrier. This offer is in the form of an exchange discount. Notably, the all-new Harrier is now also available with an advanced 6-speed automatic transmission. Apart from Tata Harrier, Tata Safari is also getting offers up to Rs.40,000 and this is also in the form of an exchange discount. 

Apart from this, there are also some other discount offers on these cars which include TOI Scheme, Top-10 Corporate Scheme, Top-20 Corporate National Scheme, and Covid Fighter Scheme. However, this discount offer is not for everyone, whoever is eligible for these benefits will be offered these benefits only. 

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Only two offers are available on Tata Nexon, which are under the Top-20 Corporate National Scheme and the Covid Fighter Scheme. Under both these schemes, there are total offers up to Rs 10 thousand on Tata Nexon. However, there are offers for only 6 thousand rupees for the petrol variants.


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