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Sponge City: To reduce heat and absorb water, this country has built ‘Sponge City’, You will love the technology

Sponge City Of China: China has taken a wonderful trick to reduce the heat in the cities. China is developing cities that beat urban heat. The infrastructure of these cities is also effective in preventing floods and at the same time, it also helps in reducing the heat. China has developed its own sponge city to beat the heat. China has developed the city of Zhuhai with a population of 2.4 million as a sponge city, which has 708 urban parks. Apart from this, there are trees from the line in front of the waterfront. It has also become a good place for people to visit. The city of Zhuhai has also become famous as a tourist destination. People have also started calling it the forest city. Let us know in detail about the Sponge City of China.

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 Let us tell you that China’s Sponge City i.e. Zhuhai city was not always so green. In the year 2014, the Chinese government issued an order to promote ‘Sponge City’. Then the Chinese government took the initiative to develop urban designs to prevent flooding in 30 cities. China changed the infrastructure of cities and developed them as sponge cities. Such technology has been used in Sponge City where the temperature remains below normal.

According to China, a sponge city is one where hard surfaces like roads and pavements are converted into permeable surfaces so that they absorb water. With this, water can be purified and stored and can be used when needed. Significantly, China is implementing such a system on a large scale in cities. China has similarly developed Zhuhai as a sponge city.

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Know that ‘Sponge City’ has been developed in Zhuhai in 115 square kilometers, this part is about a quarter of the city. Porous Brick or Porous Concrete Pavement in Zhuhai, Porous Asphalt Roads, Green Roofs, Ponds, wetlands to conserve rainwater, grasslands, and vegetation There are buffer zones. Measures taken to prevent floods in Zhuhai are also helpful in preventing urban heat.

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Significantly, Sponge City has been successful in curbing the problems of urban floods. Research in Guangzhou, China suggested that the adoption of porous bricks and porous concrete could reduce the surface temperature of the pavement by 12 to 20 °C. Apart from this, the air temperature can decrease by up to 1 degree Celsius. Developing cities as ‘sponge cities’ has given great benefits in preventing floods as well as reducing urban heat.

A ‘sponge city’ could realize the synergy of urban flooding and urban heat mitigation, and this benefit could be implemented in countries that have already established low-impact water management systems. Most of the sponge city is green. A large number of trees have been planted here which, apart from conserving water, also helps in reducing urban heat.


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