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See Amber Rose’s Pre Surgery Photos, Look How Distinctly Different She Was.

Just so you know, Amber Rose’s enormous ass and bald head weren’t always present. Sorry to be so direct, but it’s the truth. Indeed, Amber Rose was a completely different person prior to being famous. Alternately, how about Amber Levonchuck? By the way, it is the genuine name of Wiz Khalifa’s ex-wife. The name she used before entering the spotlight…Camila Cabello Break Up With Handsome Hunk Chris Evans, Know Here Why?

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Back then, Kim Kardashian’s new BFF and the enemy of Kanye West were unrecognisable. Look at these images of Amber Rose from before she became well-known. They’ll make you look twice…

Amber Rose photos

Her distinctive blonde buzz cut is hidden! Amber Rose sporting wavy hair? We never believed we’d see the day! She looks very lovely, for real!

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Check out Amber, a teenager! She’s always had the sensual posture down pat!

Amber Rose

Is that you, Amber? Another unique picture of the twerking queen is seen here. Excellent doctors or good genes? While some claim Amber has had extensive facial plastic surgery, others contend it’s merely makeup magic.

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Take a look at this before and after picture of Amber Rose’s butt if you want to talk about plastic surgery! She seems to have competed favourably with Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian…

Amber Rose images

She is there! We finally recognise her! Amber is pictured here possibly attempting the shaved-head look for the first time. When Amber first shaved her hair, she admitted to crying for a few days before realising it looked good to the New York Post in 2012. I adored Sinead O’Connor, who had a bald head and was a badass.

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