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Secretly watch anyone’s story on Instagram like this nobody will know! Know Easy Trick

Instagram Tips And Tricks: Today we are going to tell you a trick, by which you can secretly watch anyone’s Instagram story. The person in front will not even know that you have seen his insta story…

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The craze of Instagram is increasing rapidly. After the ban of Tiktok, the trend of Instagram reels and short videos has also increased in India. Apart from this, a story of a photo or video can also be made on Instagram. Whoever sees the story, then the user gets its information. The user gets to know who has seen the story. If you want the story of such a person to be seen and he does not even know that the story has been seen, then there is a trick for that too. Even after seeing you, the person in front will not see your name. Let’s know about this trick…

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Secretly watch anyone’s story on Instagram like this

Stories preload on Instagram. If you want to watch the story secretly, then you have to put your smartphone on airplane mode, after which you will be able to watch the story. But your name will appear in the view list. 

What to do if the story is not preloaded

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Sometimes preloads are not possible due to too many stories. There is a way to this too. Like if you want to see the story of a particular person, then first of all go to his account and wait for a while. After that put the phone on airplane mode again. After that, if you open the story, the story will appear and the name will not appear in the view list. 

You can get help from a third-party app

There are many third-party apps in the App Store so that the story can be seen secretly. But it would be better if you do not install these apps because these apps are not verified and there is a fear of data theft.

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