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Review of the Amazfit GTR 4: A High-End Watch Worth Your Money

With the launch of its new luxury smartwatch in the GTR series, Amazfit hopes to provide customers with more choices in the Rs 15,000 price range. We have reviewed the GTR 4 watch here.

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Although I’ve heard nothing but praise for Amazfit’s smartwatches, I’ve never had the opportunity to put one to the test. With this in mind, when the firm announced the GTR 4 wristwatch, I was excited to see if this gadget has the intelligence and the aesthetics to become a dependable choice for buyers, especially in the mid-Rs 14,000 sector, which is regarded premium in the wearable realm.

On paper, at least, the Amazfit GTR 4 appears to be a handy device that can serve as your primary watch while adding a number of useful features. But does it hold up when you strap it to your wrist and subject it to normal use? As you’ll see in our analysis, that’s exactly what happened.

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As soon as you remove the GTR 4 from its packaging, you’ll be impressed by its sleek, modern look. The aluminium alloy and plastic blend used in the rear construction strike just the perfect chord.

The watch is so light that you may wear it while you sleep (so the tracker can do its job), and we experienced no discomfort when wearing it during the day or while we were asleep.

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When compared to other watches, the GTR 4 opts for the traditional circular display, which in this case is an AMOLED panel that completes the GTR 4’s package with the help of the Always-On-Display function.

A quick glance will reveal that the screen is vivid, the colours are vivid, and the text is clear. The 22mm case and silicone strap should work for a wide range of consumers.

Zepp OS 2.0 is Amazfit’s reimagined software ecosystem, and the Zepp app does its best to live up to the GTR 4’s many strengths and adaptability.

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With a simple swipe to the right, you may access the app’s fitness tracking features or navigate the app’s settings for your device. Once your watch is linked, you can update the face by downloading a new one. There are no restrictions on the type of smartphone that can use it.

The sleep monitor, which also provides sleep breathing quality in beta, is a particularly impressive example of the sensor tracking’s efficacy. Both the oximeter and the SpO2 monitor gave identical results when comparing arterial blood oxygen saturation. Also, hikers who take the route frequently would appreciate having a GPS system installed.

Amazfit’s 475mAh battery unit is rated to last for 14 days. With the Always-On-Display feature and continuous heart rate monitoring activated, the GTR 4 had a battery life of about 10 days in our testing. The watch can be charged in around 1.5 hours using the proprietary magnetic charger, which is placed behind the watch.


While the Amazfit GTR 4’s price tag may put some off at first glance, the watch more than pays for itself after a week or so of use. We have not seen a better AMOLED screen on a watch in this price range, and it is vibrant enough to be used outside.

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The construction and style are unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing without sacrificing usability. Over and above the standard 7–10 day battery life of other smartwatches, the Zepp OS 2.0 also has some useful extras.

The body sensor is inaccurate and the app support are both lacking. Even so, the Amazfit GTR 4 wristwatch is a worthwhile investment since it strikes the perfect balance between form and function.

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