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Reduce Bad Cholesterol: If you want to reduce bad cholesterol then start this work today

Reduce Bad Cholesterol:  You must have seen many ways to reduce bad cholesterol. But today we are going to tell you such a way which will give you tremendous benefits.. so let’s know how to reduce bad cholesterol

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Today many people are troubled by bad cholesterol. The reason for this is poor eating habits and lack of exercise in lifestyle. Today we are going to tell you such things, by trying which you can reduce your bad cholesterol. Let us tell you that due to the increase of bad cholesterol, highest number of heart attack and stroke cases are reported in the world. So let’s know how to reduce it

How to reduce bad cholesterol

Use less oil in food

Oil is used extensively in Hindustani mines. Let us tell you that trans fat is found in this oil which harms the body and increases the bad cholesterol. In this case, use less of this oil. Apart from this, do not consume outside things like biscuits, namkeen etc.

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Use less ghee, butter and milk

Those people whose cholesterol is high, those people should use less dairy products. Saturated fat is found in them which works to increase bad cholesterol. 

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Use green vegetables

People who have increased bad cholesterol should include green vegetables in their diet. A good amount of fiber is found in green vegetables, which does not allow bad cholesterol to increase. Apart from green vegetables, you can include gram, rajma, soya bean and chickpeas, etc.

Lose weight

If you are overweight, then this can also be the reason for increasing bad cholesterol. So people who are overweight should lose weight. After which gradually their bad cholesterol will also go down.

Incorporate exercise into the lifestyle

Include exercise in your lifestyle. It works to increase good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol. But do exercise only after consulting a doctor. People who have high bad cholesterol are advised not to exercise for more than 30 minutes.

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Note: Avoid running if your bad cholesterol is high. It can prove fatal for you.


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