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Rangbaaz Season 3 Review: This story is inspired by the life of a Bahubali politician, you will be shocked after watching this web series

Rangbaaz Season 3 Review: The nexus of crime and politics in the country has become old. At present, there is no cure for it. But to understand this alliance, you can watch this web series that how selfishness compels leaders to compromise.

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New Web Series On OTT: Movies and web series based on true events are the new stream of entertainment. Told the truth and also hid it. The web series Rangbaaz has been coming out in this way. A similar chapter of Bihar’s politics comes to the fore in the third season released today on OTT G5. In which the politics of the state and the story of a leader comes to the fore. Which tells how a Bahubali MP belonging to a political party leaves a small area and reaches Parliament House. But there is a sudden twist in the story. The matter becomes imaginary from the real. If you are interested in politics and understand political signals then this series is for you. Even if it isn’t, you can still see it as a tale of a nexus of crime and politics. This series will not bore.

A little flashback, a little present

Rangbaaz: The politics of fear is the story of Shah Harun Ali Baig (Vineet Kumar Singh), MP from Bihar. Although 34 cases were registered against him in the police stations in twenty years, but there is no such witness in any case that the system can bring him in. Two big vicious leaders of the state’s power, Lakhan Rai (Vijay Maurya) and Mukul Kumar (Rajesh Tailang), who emerged from the politics of the JP movement at some point of time, are at loggerheads over Shah Harun. But both join hands for politics and in one case Shah Harun is arrested. What is this case, how he destroys the life of Shah Harun, it comes to the fore in the story. But in the midst of all this, the story sometimes shows glimpses of Shah Harun’s life coming in flashback and sometimes in the present.

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Jungle, hunting and strength

Shah Harun’s childhood, his journey to become a leader, his life’s love and marriage, his friends and foes, his Robinhood style and his arrogance. Everything comes out one by one. The director was here when in an election speech, ‘Veer Shahbu, don’t panic,’ on the banner behind Shah Harun Ali Baig. When the banner ‘Tere Peche Sara Zamana’ hangs, they clearly indicate the story of which Bahubali politician they are telling. Jailed Shah Harun Ali Baig tells his wife Sana Ali Baig about politics, ‘This is the jungle. Everyone is sitting here in search of their prey. Only the one who has the strength will survive. Baig also suppresses others on the strength of his strength and saves himself. Even the decision of the court also comes in favor of his release.

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The less

good thing than the brutality is that the makers didn’t forcibly drag the third season of Rangbaaz: Darr Ki Politics. The whole story has been wrapped up in six episodes of average thirty-five minutes each. It is not that this kind of content has not come before, but if you want to see and understand the story of the Bahubali leader whose story Rangbaaz rises, then this series will not disappoint. Vineet Kumar looks good in the role of Baig. However, the cruelty could not stay on his face for long. The brutality of Bahubali from which this story is inspired has been very famous. The writers-directors have definitely taken inspiration from true events here, but have tried to make the series comfortable by creating some characters in their own way. There is no emphasis in the treatment of the series that the real should be considered as real. The effort is to make things inspired by real look fiction.

On the question of police chief Raghav Kumar (Prashant Narayanan) on the court’s decision on the release of political Vivishta Baig, the Chief Minister (Rajesh Tailang) says that there are some ‘political compulsions’. The same problem is with this series as well. Despite this, it is worth watching. All the actors have played their roles well. If you have watched the last two seasons of Rangbaaz, then you will be familiar with its flavor and the third season will also satisfy you. If you haven’t seen this series yet, you can watch it.

Directed by: Sachin Pathak

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Stars: Vineet Kumar Singh, Akanksha Singh, Vijay Maurya, Rajesh Tailang, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Prashant Narayanan


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