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Now bring cooling sheet, not AC-cooler, make the whole house and get cool – Get cool in just Rs.699

As soon as summer starts, AC-cooler, fan is needed the most. Now the heat is so much that it is difficult to pass through only the fan, so to get relief from the heat, we think of buying AC-coolers, but as soon as the summer comes, their price also starts touching the sky. As the demand increases in the market, it is natural for the prices to rise.

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However, many people are unable to buy AC/cooler due to the high cost. Even if they buy, they also bring home the troubles related to the cost of AC / cooler as well as high electricity bills, repairing and maintenance etc. If you are also facing all these problems, then we end your tension. Today we have come up with a solution to these problems for you.

Yes, because now a sheet has come in the market to leave the AC-cooler, which not only gives cool air while lying on the bed but also keeps your entire house and rooms cooler than the AC-cooler.

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Online, offline are also available

Commonly known as cooling sheet, the name of this sheet is Cooling Gel Mettress. It is available both online and offline. This mattress can be bought from Amazon at a very low price. Although its price is Rs 1500, but it is available on Amazon for only Rs 699. Which in itself is a huge discount.

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How will it gives cold air?

Now the question must be coming in your mind, again and again, how can this sheet give cold air? So let us tell you no, just keep a little patience. Actually, gel technology has been used in making this sheet. It cools the sheet within minutes as soon as it is placed in the socket. Also there is no vibration in it. It does itself completely silently.

Must be cleaned with a dry cloth

However, for this sheet and its use, you have to take a little care so that your sheet keeps you feeling cold throughout the summer. If it is dirty, this sheet will not have to be washed like a normal sheet, but will have to be cleaned with a dry cloth. If you used a wet cloth, the sheet may get damaged, and then you will not get cold air. So always clean using a dry cloth only.

By the way, this sheet is mostly used in the summers only. But if you feel excessive heat and sleep with the fan on, then this sheet can be of use to you. This sheet gives so much coolness that you may need a quilt even in summer.

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