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Maldives is a favourite vacation spot for Indians because of its sparkling sun and clear water activities.

Maldives: The Maldives are two chains of 27 atolls made up of 1,190 coral islands in the Indian Ocean. The bulk of atolls are composed of a substantial, ring-shaped coral reef that serves as the foundation for several small islands. White sand beaches, beautiful waters, and unique marine life are all well-known features of the Maldives. The Maldives’ year-round warm and humid tropical climate is influenced by two main monsoons. 6 amazing things to do when you visit beautiful city Venice.

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The sum of all these factors makes the Maldives the most popular travel destination worldwide. According to statistics, Russia and the UK are in second and third place, respectively, with 12.1% and 10.7% of all visitors visiting the Maldives, while India holds the top spot with 224,640 arrivals and a 14.4% share.


What makes the Maldives the top travel destination in the world?

Due to the tranquil beauty of this island nation, the Maldives, many Indians consider it to be their one-stop vacation destination. Indian visitors adore the privacy the Maldives offers. The one-island, one-resort idea makes it the ideal venue for someone who wants to have a wedding in this new normal.

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Sanjay Tejas Kothari is the 1.6 millionth visitor to the Maldives as of 2022. Sanjay made his first trip to the Maldives by flying there from India.Plan a trip to Switzerland, Know one thing here Swiss pass.

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People now want to travel to the Maldives because their favourite Bollywood celebrity is vacationing there and enjoying breakfast poolside while soaking up the sun. the Bollywood actresses Janvi Kapoor and Disha Patani increasing the temperature in the Maldives while donning sizzling bikinis.

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In 2022, India took the top spot on the tourism rankings only after China was eliminated owing to the implementation of the zero covid policy. At the moment, China is dealing with the worst case of cholera, and for the same reason, no visitors are permitted. Up until 2019, Chinese tourists were the majority of visitors to the Maldives.On January 13, PM Modi will officially launch the longest river cruise ever.

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