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Let’s take a first look at Mahindra XUV.e9:Review about its Interior, Features Of The Electric SUV Coupe launch in 2024 End.

The XUV.e9 and the XUV.e8 are the first to be produced out of all the SUVs that Mahindra Electric revealed yesterday. Since the XUV.e9 lacks a diesel or gasoline variant and is somewhat of an SUV coupe version of the XUV700, it is a crucial product. The XUV.e9 is an intriguing design that only exists as an electric vehicle. The style appears to be based largely on the XUV Aero prototype; however, that style was derived from the previous XUV, but this one is considerably more contemporary and adheres to the Mahindra electric design language.

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In actuality, the XUV.e9 is wider and longer than the XUV700, measuring 4,790mm in length, 1,905mm in width, and 1,690mm in height. The grille region is blocked off by a closed, body-colored portion, while the front is fascinating with its enormous C-shaped headlights.

The surface is exceptionally smooth, and the headlights and DRLs are neatly concealed while complementing the top of the grille. The XUV.e line of SUVs has an unique copper version of the new Mahindra SUV logo. Large wheels and broad wheel arches are also seen. With manner the roof is sliced and the substantial LED commonly utilized, the side and rear have changed.

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In addition to having excellent ride height for an EV, the darkened region below the rear bumper is also smoother. The INGLO EV platform, which offers flexibility in terms of available area, will be used by the XUV.e9. The XUV.e9, in contrast to the three-row XUV.e8, would have five seats.

With three 12.3-inch screens, including a large digital instrument cluster display, the interior differs from the XUV as well. The remainder of the dashboard design, particularly the rotary knob below, is reminiscent of the XUV700. The design also has a steering wheel with two spokes.

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We anticipate an 80kWh battery pack with a single motor/rear-drive configuration, a twin motor/AWD configuration, and a power output of about 400 horsepower. Regen braking will also be customizable for the XUV.e9 and other Mahindra electric SUVs.

Expect high-end technologies like V2L recharging, which lets you are using the vehicle to recharge other EVs as well as other electrical devices, coupled with ADAS technology and enhanced displays like HUD, among many others. In comparison to the XUV700 and its own XUV.e8 brother, the XUV.e9 will be more costly when it launches in late 2024 or early 2025.


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