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Knowledge: 99% of people don’t know why a mobile SIM card is cut from one corner. Know here…

Informative details You undoubtedly noticed the SIM card being placed into the phone. The corner of the SIM card has been removed. Have you ever questioned why the SIM is only cut on one side, though? 

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SIM Card: People’s cell phones are an important part of their lives today. People look at their phones for hours at a time. Mobiles are getting smarter and smarter. It has made many things easier for people to do. But the SIM card is the most important part of any phone. With the help of a SIM card, networks are brought into the phone, allowing us to make calls, send text messages, and use the internet. If you have ever looked at a SIM card closely, you may have noticed that it is cut on one side. Do you know why? Let’s tell.

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Earlier sim cards were normal

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SIM cards are made by many telecom companies around the world, including in India. All SIM cards are cut side by side. This happens all over the world, not just in India. Let us tell you that when SIM cards were first made, they weren’t cut in half from the side. When SIM cards for cell phones were first made, they were very simple and square.

because of this cut

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You might be wondering what happened to make SIM cards start being cut on the side. The first SIM card was probably just like any other card. When SIM cards were square, people had a hard time figuring out which side was the front and which side was the back. In this case, people used to turn the SIM over and over again. Because of this, it was hard to get rid of it in the end. The SIM chip could also get broken sometimes.

people’s work became easier

Because of this problem, the telecom companies thought the SIM needed to be changed. After that, the SIM card was cut off at one corner. Because this cut made a groove in the SIM card, it was easy to put and take out the SIM card from the cell phone. When this happened, people found it easy to use SIM cards. Because of this, other telecom companies started selling SIM cards with different cut designs.

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