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Kia Sonet 2022 VS Hyundai Venue 2022: Compare Prices and Other Details

Kia Sonet 2022 vs Hyundai Venue 2022: Check the Prices and More! Both of these SUVs have the most features, the most engine options, and promise to be fun to drive with DCT transmissions and turbo-petrol on offer.

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New Delhi: Subcompact and compact SUVs have been dominated by Hyundai and Kia. In fact, Hyundai and Kia are locked in fierce competition, with the new Venue, Hyundai’s answer to the Kia Sonet, having just hit the market. These two SUVs offer the most features, the most engine options, and the most fun to drive with turbo-petrol on offer with DCT transmissions in under 4m space. However, the competition between the two has intensified since the opening of the new venue, and it is only at this point that we can determine the differences between the two.

Which is bigger?

Both of these SUVs share the same platform and other mechanical components, including engines, but the design is where the two look completely different. With identical 3995 millimeters in length, the Sonet is slightly wider (1790 millimeters) than the Venue (1770 millimeters). However, the Venue is taller than the Sonet, with a height of 1617mm vs 1610mm. Both have a wheelbase of 2500mm, which is the same for both.

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The new Venue, on the other hand, has regained some of its former imposing presence thanks to its more aggressive styling. Mainly because of the massive grille up front but also because of the attention to detail in other areas, such as bumper design and the connected LED taillights at the back. It’s like driving a brand-new vehicle. Much more appealing than before. Compared to the previous Venue. Even though the Sonet has been around for a while, it still manages to look new, and the GT Line’s Tiger Nose grille and red accents do just that.

What about the interiors?

In terms of overall quality, these two SUVs are head and shoulders above their rivals. There is a resemblance between the interior materials and switchgear of these cars and those of higher-priced SUVs. On the new Venue, there is a steering wheel and air purifier resembling those found on the Creta, as well as chrome switches. The lighter-colored upholstery in the new Venue helps to open up the space inside the cabin. The rear seat in the Venue is more spacious, more comfortable, and has the added bonus of being able to recline. The Sonet is only a short distance away, but the cabin’s all-black design makes it feel more enclosed.

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As far as the features go, both are trying to get your attention. Air purifier, digital display in front of the driver, and more. Climate control and a premium audio system are also included in this model’s standard features. The Sonet has a larger touchscreen, but the Venue has more features for connected cars, so the differences are in the finer details. A power-assisted driver’s seat is an option on the Sonet, but not on the Venue. Similarly, both vehicles are well-equipped with safety features.

Engine options?

Both SUVs come standard with a 1.2l petrol engine that produces 83bhp and a 5-speed manual transmission. In this case, however, we recommend the more expensive 1.0l turbo-petrol engine, which puts out 120bhp and can be had with either an EMT clutchless manual transmission or a 7-speed DCT with paddle shifters. Both the DCT and the iMT are easy to live with once you get used to them; the DCT is recommended if the budget allows.

While the 1.5-liter diesel engine still exists, the Sonet has an automatic version with drive modes, whereas the Venue diesel is only manual. The Venue DCT now has a knob to select drive modes, bringing it in line with the Sonet, which has the same feature. Due to their light steering and small size, both SUVs are a pleasure to drive and easy to live with. The Sonet has a sturdier suspension, but its steering is heavier than the Venue’s, which is designed for a more relaxing ride. It’s just a little bit different.

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Between Rs 7.5 lakh and Rs 12.7 lakh, the new Venue is available. Between Rs 7.4 lakh and Rs 13.7 lakh, the Sonet is priced. As previously stated, the changes are minor, but Hyundai has made the Venue more resistant to the new features and aesthetics. With that in mind, you’ll have to decide which features you like best and which driving experience you prefer before making a final decision.


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