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It’s good news for ration card holders: The government plans to implement this rule for 15 crore people.

Ration Card Rules: Preparations are being made to implement the new ration distribution rule in UP under the Public Distribution System. The state’s 15 million ration card holders will benefit from this.

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Ration Card UP News: Ration card holders can expect the government to take action from time to time. The UP government is now making a major shift in the distribution of public rations. Fortified rice will be available from ration shops in all of Uttar Pradesh’s districts as part of the state’s public ration distribution system beginning in 2023, thanks to the Yogi government.

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The 15 Crore people who will eat this rice from ration shops can expect it to be very nutritious. Iron, folic acid, and vitamin B-12, all of which are vital nutrients, will be included. The Public Distribution System in the state of Uttar Pradesh has about 80 thousand ration shops. 3.59 million ration card holders will be able to purchase fortified rice thanks to the establishment of these outlets. More than 15 million ration card holders will be spared malnutrition thanks to this.

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Until the new year, this rice will be sold in every supermarket nationwide.

Starting in September 2021, fortified rice will be served in UP as part of the Mid-Day Meal Program and the Integrated Child Development Program (ICDP). Fortified rice was distributed from ration shops in 31 districts of the state during the month of June. India’s Food Corporation of India is providing the state with this rice. UP’s Food and Logistics Department intends to begin distributing fortified rice to all districts in the upcoming paddy harvest.

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According to the distribution

Officers, beginning in October, the state will begin purchasing paddy from MSP. For the first time, government procurement centers will purchase paddy from rice mills capable of producing fortified rice. Starting in December, rice mills will be supplied with fortified rice instead of paddy. From January onwards, ration shops across the country will begin selling fortified rice to residents in all districts.

The government will have 47 lakh tonnes of rice! 

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Let us inform you that one quintal of paddy yields approximately 67 kilograms of rice when milled. One kilogram of fortified rice kernels is mixed with one quintal of rice to make fortified rice. On this basis, the government will have approximately 47 lakh tonnes of rice if 65 lakh tonnes of paddy are procured, as was the case last year.

Benefits of Fortified Rice

Anemia affects tens of thousands of women in the country. In addition, the child’s development is not being properly monitored. According to the USDA, the recommended daily intake of iron, folic acid, and vitamin B-12 in fortified rice is between 28 and 42.5 mg per kilo. Anemia and malnutrition in women and children can be alleviated by the use of fortified rice.

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