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Is your bike Mileage too much low? Increase its mileage by adopting these easy Tips and Tricks

Tips And Tricks To Improve Bike Mileage

While the central government has given great relief to the customers on petrol, it is likely to become expensive again in the future. In such a situation, it is better to take some precautions while driving your two-wheeler.

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Petrol prices are skyrocketing and now they are making a big impact on the budget of common people. In India, where people are currently turning to electric vehicles, this work is not happening as fast. Apart from this, the proper arrangement of charging has not been done yet. In such a situation, people are driving only petrol-powered bikes. If your two-wheeler is not giving better mileage then it can also be increased by adopting easy maneuvers, if need be, then only adopt the right method. In this news, we are telling you about some such tricks, by following which you can increase the mileage of your bike.

Service from time to time

Keeping the bike serviced makes a big difference to its mileage. If your bike is maintained in good condition then it will give better mileage too. Its engine and gearbox need lubrication and it keeps getting them in the right quantity by getting serviced, this gives your bike more mileage than normal in one liter of petrol.

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keep track of tire pressure

You might not notice this, but tire pressure has a huge impact on the mileage of the bike. If the tire pressure is maintained properly, then the bike will not have much thrust to run and there will be no forced load on the engine. In such a situation, if the tire pressure remains correct, then the mileage of your bike will definitely increase.

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Stop the bike at the signal

You yourself also know that only a small amount is correct, but by turning off the bike at the signal, petrol can be saved. So if more than 15 seconds of tight red light is left to turn green, then turn off your bike, you will find that the mileage has increased within a month.

Do not press the clutch unnecessarily

The bike gives very good mileage by using the clutch properly and only when needed. If you keep pressing the clutch unnecessarily again and again, then naturally the mileage of the bike will decrease. So to get better mileage it is important that you use the clutch only when needed.

Use the right gear

If you keep riding the bike in the right gear at the right speed, then the engine will not be stressed much and the mileage will be better. Apart from this, the mileage increases by keeping the bike at a constant speed when you keep it in the right gear position. In such a situation, the mileage is to be maintained better, which keeps the bike in the right gear.

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GPS and traffic alerts

If you use GPS to go anywhere, then Google takes you on the right and shortest route. In this case, the mileage of the bike naturally increases. Apart from this, with traffic alerts, you get information about the jam ahead and by changing the way on the map, you not only avoid traffic, but also save petrol.


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