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iOS 16 is scheduled to launch today; learn about the top 5 innovative features and how to install 

On September 12, iOS 16 will begin rolling out to users. The release date for Apple’s long-awaited iPhone operating system was disclosed during the company’s ‘Far Out’ event last week, following a similar announcement at June’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

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In the meanwhile, while iPhone owners wait for iOS 16 to be installed on their devices, we thought we’d highlight the five most exciting new features. It’s important to remember that iOS 16 won’t work with any iPhone other than the iPhone 8.

Phone 8s and later is required for iOS 16. Soon enough, your phone should receive the OTA update. 

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Most Notable Changes in iOS 16

Personalizable screen lock

There hasn’t been as much customization for Android users’ lock screens as there is for iOS users. As of iOS 16, it will no longer be the case. In addition to modifying the text’s size, colour, and alignment, users will have additional leeway in arranging the widgets of their choosing. The order in which widgets display on the screen can be altered, and users have direct access to Live Activities. If you don’t have time to customise everything, just slide the lock screen to experiment with several themes and see which one you like most.

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Compatible with Nintendo Joy-Con

Fans of video games will enjoy this. Although the iOS could support PlayStation DualSense & Xbox Series X controllers since iOS 14.5, Nintendo’s bright Joy-Cons were left out of the equation. Users of the Nintendo Switch may now link their Joy-Con controllers to an iOS 16-powered iPhone and play their favourite titles.

Telephonic exercise

Even if you forget to turn on the Workout app, the Apple Watch will still be a useful workout partner by automatically tracking the number of calories you burn. With iOS 16, iPhones can utilise their built-in motion sensors to measure your daily activity and display the data on a now-iconic fitness ring. You may now track your total calories burned, steps taken, and distance travelled without an Apple Watch.

Delete or modify sent iMessages

Even if iMessage isn’t everyone’s go-to texting programme, the option to resend or even delete a message that’s already been received is a nice perk for those who use it often. A message can be cancelled up to 15 minutes after it has been delivered, and it can be edited up to five times before it is permanently deleted.

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Drop any need to remember passwords. Passkeys in iOS 16 will sync across Apple devices and even non-Apple devices, allowing users to login into apps or websites on any device. Passkeys, which are managed by iCloud Keychain, offer protection from phishing assaults thanks to their end-to-end encryption.

Learn the ropes with Apple’s newest operating system, iOS 16.

There will be a pop-up alert on your iPhone as soon as the update is available.

Navigate to the system’s configuration menu > general > software update. At last, select Download and Install / Install Now to finish up. While updating, ensure your iPhone is both charged and connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network.

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